No Dpad - Soosiz Review: A Dizzying Platformer

No Dpad:

Fact: Good platformers on the iPhone are few and far between. Most developers, it seems, have not yet come to the realization that the iPhone's touch controls lack the precision necessary for the traditional platformer. And so the genre is largely represented by poor Super Mario Bros. clones, and half-baked ports of old classics, like Capcom's Mega Man II. While a few games have managed to succeed despite these trappings - Gameloft's Castle of Magic and Rake In Grass' Archibald's Adventures, for example - the truly shiny platformers are those such as Rolando 2 or Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, which have embraced the iPhone's unique input methods and made them an important component of gameplay.

And where that leaves Soosiz is in a bit of a hard place. The game adorns itself in the standard regalia, relying on a single gimmick to set itself apart from the crowd. That gimmick is its level design. Each level is comprised of planetoids, each with its own gravity. Rather than jumping from platform-to-platform over bottomless chasms, Soosiz charges you to leap from planetoid-to-planetoid, while the game world spins about in an attempt to readjust perspective for your new gravitational viewpoint.

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