Gamerz Ink: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review

Naughty Dog brings us the next instalment in the adventures of treasure hunter extraordinaire, Nathan Drake. Does Drake's latest expedition in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves hold its footing, or trip and fall?


- The most visually stunning video game to date

- Entrancing musical score and sound effects provide an aural treat

- Finely-tuned gameplay mechanics gives you complete control over Nathan Drake, wether it's jumping from an exploding building or scaling a snow-capped cliff, the game is a joy to play

- Robust multiplayer component adds value to the already 8-12 hour main quest

- Best pre-game tutorial ever!


- Gunfights can become tedious as you mow down wave after wave of bad guys

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Vonsutton3600d ago

That was one of the only cons I could find. If you read the full review dude you will get a better understanding of what that means


Immortal Kaim3600d ago

Good review. I can't stop playing, the story is just so intriguing. Back to play some more UC2. ;)

3600d ago
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