Icrontic: Gamepro Shuts Down BlogFaction Sites

Gamepro, a gaming publication that has been in the gaming press business since 1989, is closing down all their "BlogFaction" sites, including Gamegirl, XboxFanForce, and SlobsofGaming, to focus on their core property.

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Parapraxis3601d ago

And thus, nothing was lost.

UPSLynx3601d ago

Makes me wonder if GamePro is doing ok financially. I doubt those blogs cost much to maintain, but print gaming media is a particularly vulnerable prey to online publications. Plus, with the gamespot/GameInformer connection, most gamers just settle for GI it seems.

primesuspect3601d ago

Seems like some of those blogs had quite a staff. I don't know if they got paid or not, but it stands to reason that it cost a fair bit to run that network of sites.

Cliff Forster3600d ago

If any of the game girls need a place to write, I think I could suggest a site. I'm just sayin.....