Modern Warfare 2 "Caters to the Hardcore Gamer"

CVG: Speaking in London today, community man Robert Bowling said there's "a lot more" to be revealed in terms of unlockables for the highly anticipated sequel to 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

"What we're offering with Modern Warfare 2 is a ridiculous amount of customisation. The lead-out is insane, you have all these attachments to choose from. It really caters to the hardcore gamer who wants to dive in deep," he said.

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kalebgray923601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

not anymore if you want hardcore play arma 2 or operation flashpoint 2... thats hardcore... this is an military action shooter......proof.... listen to the 9 year olds playing when it comes out... just wait for those high pitched voices .... and it has snowmobile racing... what the heck?

Pandamobile3601d ago

Yeah, I agree. COD is hardly 'hardcore'.

IzKyD13313601d ago

Yup, COD4 was fun as hell, but with the mega aim assist, tiny ass maps like shipment and the courtyard map that allow you to throw grenades blindly and gets kills, and the abundance of 13 year olds telling me how good they are in bed, it was just too much for a hardcore gamer to handle

Pandamobile3601d ago

Lol, aim assist is so pathetic. Why isn't it optional?

swiftshot933601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Sure its not as "hardcore" as other shooters, but it sure as hell is more fun than any of them. Not to mention the fact that MW2 looks better than most shooters on the market.

dgroundwater3601d ago

While it certainly appeals to a pretty broad (noob) fanbase. There are plenty of heavily skilled players in any good MP game. Aim assist or not, you are on the same playing field as they are; and they will destroy you.

Still though aim assist pisses me off big time. They need to cut in in half, it should be barely noticeable.

ShabzS3601d ago

its fun though ... i loved every second of team death match in cod 4

kalebgray923600d ago

its a hard shooter on veteran no doubt but not hardcore

Microsoft Xbox 3603600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

COD is a casual shooter. It takes no skill whatsoever.

glennc3600d ago

bad company is way more fun than mw and harder as well. mw2 won't be able to match bc2 in gameplay either, both fun and hardcore. it just has a longer history with console players so will sell craploads more. not saying it isn't fun, i still live playing the game, just not mp so much. it needs destruction.

sikbeta3600d ago

All of you can have your opinion and all, but for shooter lovers COD is the game, that's explain how well It sell

phosphor1123600d ago

Your game has gone far beyond casual.

i3eyond the Circle3600d ago

You guys must not come across the hardcore CoD players then.

If your a beast at the game no noob ass Aim assist whore can beat you.

NoBias3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Sure anybody can buy the game and start playing but that can be said for EVERY GAME AVAILABLE TO GAMERS.

If you want to be on an MLG level of playing then yes it does take skill. If you and some of your friends went up against a clan who was skilled at the game, you wouldn't stand not a BIT of chance. You would get destroyed and then that would lead to frustration and then it would lead to you all doing what you do best, trash talking a game and the skilled players that play it.

Why do people only think n00bs exist on COD4 when they exist on EVERY shooter. But you're skilled players also exist on every shooter. Don't downplay peoples talents just because you don't share the same skills. That's complete and utter ignorance.

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Doletskaya3601d ago

No recoil and heavy aim assist don't make a shooter hardcore.They make it noob-friendly.I doubt any true gamer will take COD seriously as a FPS.

The Meerkat3600d ago

In COD4 some guns have lots of recoil, some don't just like real guns.

Try an RPD without a grip.

JeffGUNZ3600d ago

haahah they all have recoil. Try playing the game. The m16 doesn't when you shoot it in burst, because in real life, the recoil is minimal. Try shooting an AR-15, the civilian m16 and you'll see. The AK has recoil in this game. Some people just say the funniest things.

Doletskaya3600d ago

try any gun in COD.When you go full-auto with any weapon,does your cross-hair move any bit at all?when you are shooting an enemy from a long distance with any assault rifle or light machine gun,does it ever occur to you that you have to shoot in bursts because of the recoil?Just take a look at those MW2 vids.All weapons I have seen so far allow you to go full-auto and still keep the aim stable.Try the weapons in BF:BC or Killzone 2 and you'll know what Im talking about.And how pathetic of you to actually think that weapons in COD have recoil.You seriously think being able to go auto and still keep your aim stable on enemies is all because of your own skills?

Knghtz3600d ago


I think you are playing a different game...

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unrealgamer583600d ago

indeed killzone is a all around better game

JeffGUNZ3600d ago

...Says the guy with the Resistance 2 avatar.

kwicksandz3600d ago

The only possible thing i can think killzone 2 did better was the ability to search for games based on region

chak_3600d ago

I lol'ed and that made my day.

Seriously ...hardcore..ahah

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