MGU Review: Fishing Off The Hook

MGU writes: "Angling has long been a passion for almost all boys and their dads for as long as there have been hooks, rods and fishing nets.

Unfortunately it's not always possible to go deep sea fishing, let alone wade knee high in the river trying to land the biggest catch of your life. So, for those of us out there who prefer staying warm, not fancying hooking live bait and only coming home with a minnow rather than Moby Dick, there's Fishing off the Hook.

This game adds a more exciting aspect to the normally tranquil pastime. Rather than simply casting off and waiting for a bite, you go head to head in an international battle for fishing supremacy. In Tournament mode you get to pick your national country to represent, from the UK to USA, Australia to Brazil - there's sixteen sides to choose from. After choosing your flag, you are presented with the option of playing within the amateur, professional or elite championships. The amateur level has three rounds, professional nine and elite places you in 15 rounds. Each round is timed and will typically take only a couple of minutes - but actually when you're engrossed in the game, this will whiz by."

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