Game over for Japanese developers?

Stevie Lim.......Is the Japanese game industry dying?

Capcom's Keiji Inafune certainly thinks so, and with all the reports about the decline in attendance and booths at this year's TGS, as well as a lack of any significant announcements, it is hard to disagree with him. Walking around on the public days of the show, whilst uncomfortable as always, wasn't as physically crushing as it was last year. And although you had to wait about an hour to play most of the games there, it was no way near as insane as the scenes at last year's TGS when hordes of press charged for the Capcom booth to try and get a game of Monster Hunter 3.

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Saaking3597d ago

Japan is doing fine. It's just devs want to become too westernized. They should stick with what they know and what has made them a success.