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IaMs123595d ago

Unless its BIG JUST ADD IT IN! But too late now, they have to get our money again. DLC has now involved into a secret way to charge that extra $5-10 on gamers when it should have been in the game. By announcing you already have it and priced before the game releases are JUST released is way too early. Ok announce yah we will have plans for DLC later in the future when you actually make it not make stuff for the game and throw it separate to serve as DLC.

maawdawg3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

It would have been a much better marketing decision to let the game hit and sell a bit then announce it when another big FPS is about to hit this fall to see if you can maintain some attention.

Hmmm, what other big FPS could they have done that against??

Besides that you get the benefit of the doubt and avoid the negative assumptions of "cash grab", "should have been on the disk" and "why not free?".

Poor marketing choice IMO. Paid DLC is fine, just time your announcement better.

Persistantthug3595d ago

That's what I've been largely noticing.

Enate3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

That's exactly what I've been worried about for quite some time now. An with its gradually happening more an more. Its like they are trying to slide it in slowly as if to try an make it the norm. Now don't get me wrong I don't doubt how much work it takes to make a game of this caliber for one second. Though still man people are already having a hard enough time just buying the games they want in the first place. An the more we try to get more for our money the more the model seems to be separate the money from the consumers hands some more after we launch the game. Though its a preemptive strike before the game even comes out we haven't even touched it yet.

Its the same with Dragon Age origins which is a combination of the two issues. Pre order bonuses and possible uzi spitting DLC for the next 2 years so they say. So you wanna wait for the reviews for Dragon age just to be sure, it comes out an you decide I'll go for it. Well now that you decided not to pre order an you would like the full experience available for the game you just bought. Proceed to cough up $22 bucks on top of the $59.99 plus tax you just paid. Do you see how this can become a problem really really fast?



it's up to the gamers to put their collective foot down and not support it.

I have just about stopped buying any download content for any games, no matter how good. it is a scam in my opinion.

I am not really sure if it's down to the dev's it's prob more the publishers making them do this ( they are the ones in it for the money )

The only download content I am willing to buy right now is the GTA expansion BOGT.

vote with your wallets. I like the look of boarder land and I will be getting it, but I won't get any of the download stuff, same as I didn't with fallout 3 or red faction G, etc.

bruddahmanmatt3594d ago

Wow. Yet another reasons to make me question getting this game. Very bad marketing IMO to announced DLC and its pricing so early on. I mean it's hard to get more early than "before release day".

I'll tell you though. The real thing that's been making me a bit nervous about Borderlands is that there has been very little information made available about what the game is like and how it is to play. I know you don't want to reveal everything about a game before it's launched but since its inception, all I've seen and heard from the devs was how it's "open world with so many things to do and so many possibilities blah blah". In most cases during the lead up to a game's release there is an influx of information regarding basic gameplay elements and what the game as a whole offers to the player. For a brand new IP like Borderlands I feel like there should have been up until now, more information made available to us as far as what to expect from the game. This tight lipped secrecy has slowly been making me wary of the game and is giving me second thoughts on picking it up. When you're competing with high profile releases like Uncharted 2, R&C, MW2, AC2 etc... I would think you'd want to show off as much as you could about your product to try and lure potential buyers to your game. I really hope this game proves me wrong and turns out to be a success as the idea of a post-apocalyptic open-world with 4 player co-op sounds like it has real potential. That and I hope Gearbox has learned their lesson and will give PS3 owners the opportunity to use a proper "R1 to shoot" setup unlike BiA:HH

Tony P3594d ago

It's probably less risky to announce it while interest is peak, it's in the budget, and marketing is full speed. I guess the greed surrounding DLC pretty much kills the idea of it. DLC has become just another means of up-selling to those guys.

I don't trust anyone with DLC. Bethesda maybe. Content-wise, they've handled DLC the way it ought to be after that horse armor thing. Arguably my favorite devs Bioware can't be trusted. And they've been on PC doing expansions for years so they know how to extend a good game. What do I get from them now? ONE decent piece of DLC and one disastrous piece of UTTER CRAP released under suspicious circumstances. Utterly disappointing. Epic fail. Call it what you like.

I like the word "bullsh*t".

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ironwolf7773595d ago

But .. But .. IT'S FKN AWESOME!!

Grimhammer003595d ago

I think that this was announced as early as it was due to Halloween being a week away from launch. They probably figured that it would make the game look THAT much more appealing due to creepy Halloween.

That being said - we all know that Dev's these days factor DLC into the mix when launch titles. It's a business, and the profit they make from DLC is likely far more than the amount they get from disc sales.

I don't like it...and when it's SF4 costumes or Resident Evil new game mode that is just an unlock...that's when I get pissed!

But this sounds very substantial. I have Borderlands prepaid and I will get this DLC day 1. Gearbox knows they've got something special here....I predict 9's from reviewers and our collective wallets will all cry. LOL

dominicm3595d ago

Let me beat the game first!

iceman063594d ago

Let me BUY the game first!!!*LOL*

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