Virtua Fighter 5 E3 Trailer

The Virtua Fighter 5 trailer that had some salivating at this year's E3 is now here for your viewing pleasure.

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Siesser5422d ago

The most technical fighter out there is coming home :). Looks great; my only gripe is that the interaction of the character with the water isn't satisfying. Next gen should be about physics; not graphics. Why is her leg sliding through the water without splashing everywhere and a trail in her wake?

This and Soul Caliber are all the fighting I want or need. Well, except maybe next gen Bloody Roar or Powerstone . . . and a P-Stone game IS in the works for PSP, so maybe . . .

OutLaw5422d ago

Nice choices of fighting games. Next week for the PSP Def Jam is coming out.

omansteveo5422d ago

To bad it doesnt hit console til MAY

achira5422d ago

awesome game !!!!!!! i cant wait.

specialguest5422d ago (Edited 5422d ago )

this games fighting mechanics were more advanced than Tekken, yet it didn't do as well in the arcades. this is still a good game.

what i really wanna see get make-overed in next-gen technology is Soul Caliber.

HighCod5422d ago

I played Virtua Fighter in the arcades almoast 15 years ago,then it was without competition. :)

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