Gamer Mom: I'm a Loser, Baby

WhatTheyPlay writes: "Recently our whole nuclear family got together for a marathon of Pac-Man Vs., an old GameCube game that you play with controllers and a Game Boy Advance (there's also a Nintendo DS version on Namco Museum DS). The game lets one player, using the GBA as a controller and viewing screen, play as Pac-Man and see the entire maze of dots and ghosts. The others, able to see just a portion of the screen on the TV, play the ghosts and try to eat Pac-Man. But when Pac-Man eats a power-up, he can eat the ghosts. Whoever wins the round gets to be Pac-Man in the next match.

While I think that Pac-Man is a fine game, I did not spend a great portion of my life in the arcade pumping quarters into arcade machines like certain members of the household. I was tired, I couldn't see the tiny images on the GBA very clearly, my reflexes weren't sharp... I'd had some wine...

I'm making excuses, because I lost. Badly. Over and over again. During many levels, I got zero points. I just could not keep track of when I was supposed to run away and when I was supposed to pursue, and the voice of the announcer -- which, idiotically and disorientingly is Nintendo's Mario character -- was really grating on my nerves. I said several times that I didn't want to play anymore, but I managed to restrain myself from throwing down my controller and stomping away."

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