Gaming Age: Brutal Legend Review

Gaming Age writes: "Once again Tim Schafer has created a masterpiece, but the future is always a shaky one with his creations. So much talent, effort, and hard work always seem to catch on and become appreciated long after the game has bombed when it comes to sales figures. I do believe that gamers now are not quite the sheep they were years ago, so change is now a welcome thing rather than just playing the same ol' same ol'. I guess we'll just have to see how this game fares in the wake of releases like Uncharted 2, Dragon Age, and of course the mighty Modern Warfare 2. If I had a magic 8 ball in my possession, I think it would read "chances are good." Let's just hope so as Brütal Legend deserves all the admiration and attention that some of the best games out there receive. Sales or no sales, this game is easily a contender for game of the year and is just brilliant".

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