E4G: GTTV October 15th 2009 Review

Janglish at E4G writes "I don't know if you were aware of this, but Gametrailers is on TV . I guess it's a weekly show during the worst time slot you can think of."

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Briefcase Joe3599d ago

What is fvck is this dumb sh!t? Where have you been buddy? The show has been in that time slot ever since they changed the name from Game Head to Gametrailers TV. The only reason I gave you a hit was to see if you were joking. You weren't. Also, you are the only dumbass that would review this show. You are so lame it's not even funny.

CBaoth3599d ago

You're right Joe. Maybe one of us should alert him to this new invention called the DVR too! Then he'll have something for his second official review. C'mon N4G, how did this even get approved?

dkblackhawk503599d ago

Maybe people can't afford DVRs? Ever think about that? Didn't think so...