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EyePet review (AATG)

"In the end you're left with a pet that you care for just for the sake of it. It's not the Tamagotchi that kids cried over. It's Tamagotchi-lite. It's Tamagotchi-zero-responsibility. And where's the fun in that?"

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Candlestickmaker3625d ago

Too bad. This doesn't seem as impressive to me as the Milo game is promised to be.

Then again, the Milo game could be a disappointment, too.

thebudgetgamer3625d ago

same with milo. i dont think people like us would be into that type of thing, more for the kiddies.

raztad3625d ago


You are totally right. I wonder if the reviewer got a kid play the game, because I NEVER expected such a kiddie game to appeal a mature audience. Even the ads make pretty clear game is kid and parents stuff, this is not for 20+ year single males.

Candlestickmaker3625d ago

Well, it seems most of the problems noted (works poorly in artificial light, unresponsive to gestures, the magic card always having to face the camera) would be as annoying to kids as much as adults.

I think my younger cousins might still like it to mess around with, though I doubt it'd last very long.

thebudgetgamer3625d ago

but remember kids are not as picky.

example:when i was a kid i thought et was amazing. now that i look back the game was horrendous but when you are a kid the idea of video games is so overwhelmingly awesome it doesn't matter.

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