Demon's Souls - More copies are on the way

Atlus USA has confirmed that more copies of their RPG masterpiece, Demon's Souls, are on the way to stores. After a shortage in stores which caused the game hard to be found.

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OGharryjoysticks3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Best Buy stores never got the game. Amazon got all the Deluxe's after Gamestop sold whatever number they had for pre-order. And nobody wants the regular edition from Gamestop.

So if you want the game go to Gamestop because they have the regular edition

TruthBTold3599d ago

I like to take the time to find my way alone without using books. Only one rare occasions I become desperate and use a guide on the internet for free. I bought it after reading about the shortages and was afraid this would become something like Ico. Still waiting for my package though. USPS sucks, not tracking info until your package has actually already been delivered. AMAZON FTW. [email protected] BestBuy.

WildArmed3599d ago

took me 4 days to find a DS reg version -.-
Soo mad =/ Shoulda preordered

Snoogins3599d ago

My Gamestop has ONE copy that an employee has stashed away until his paycheck. Walmart here is its typically useless self while my friend who lives over in the ass end of Iowa has them at their store. Atlus really dropped the ball with this game's launch, which is selling really damn well considering there is no marketting for it.

WildArmed3599d ago

Honestly nobody thought it'd be so much in demand.
I knew somef friends were gettgint it but .. not this much

raztad3599d ago

I saw this coming. In Japan there was a big shortage and game was nowhere to be found for a while. On top of that I heard Atlus use to have low stocks of its games so I knew shortages were bound to happen in NA.

I wish you guys the best luck getting this masterpiece. Demons Souls is a unique experience. Just to get an idea, I was playing Oblivion but I let it unfinished. After playing a bit of Demons Souls I cant play Oblivion anymore, Demons Souls tops Oblivion in every way and brings a lot more to the table.

ActionBastard3599d ago

There is no feeling greater than that of beating a demon in Demon's Souls.

beavis4play3599d ago

killing a phantom who entered my game to kill me is just as sweet.

man, i am soooooooooo addicted to DS. it's "chocolate coated heroin".

DonCorneo3599d ago

yea, man, this game is better than oblivion.

in every way.

xTruthx3599d ago

bought mine yesterday and haven't stopped playing

DaTruth3599d ago

I can hardly find time to play Uncharted 2! I meant to put half my time into D'sS and half into U2, but Demon's Souls just has me hooked!

@Action Bastard: I practically hold a party every time I put down a Demon!

DRUDOG3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I bought my copy at Best Buy. They only had two when I got it, but they obviously received some.

BTW, fack Best Buy. I just had a gift card. There is always one particular Target that nobody must ever go to because they've usually got plenty of copies of the newer games (bought Uncharted 2 there today). But even they had no Demon's Souls.

ActionBastard3599d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I haven't had a Phantom enter my game (yet) but that does sound as good as taking down these one-hit kill bastards!!

I've woke people up in my house playing this game! If defeating demons isn't party worthy, I don't know what is.

Side note: GO TO TARGET! I got a brand new GoW Limited Edition bundle for $139. Couldn't pass it up.

presto7173599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

But I hear the NA servers will be taken down in April 2010.


BTW. This game is tight. Best thing I've played in years.


sikbeta3598d ago

More people will enjoy this game, frustrating hard but worth every cent

lordgodalming3598d ago

My local Gamestop got six copies of the regular version, and I bought the very last one at 1:30pm on launch day. Glad I did, too. The game is fantastic.

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Tex1173599d ago

This game is worth the Deluxe.

The guide is very useful without giving too much of the game away and your own exploration.

WildArmed3599d ago

Didnt really want the walkthrough coz i dont wanna rely on it and all

Great experience so far.

beavis4play3599d ago

there were a couple of errors on where certain tunnels lead. i figured out where i wanted to go eventually.

hey, anyone want to talk DS tips? PM me with what you got. i have a few good ones.

DonCorneo3599d ago

if you want to experience the game

there's no way i would have found out those studd on my own.

i will try it on my second play through.

DaTruth3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The one, single problem with this game is the total lack of information. Basic things that are important in the game, you have to comb the net for any understanding. I don't have the slightest clue how to shoot a soul arrow and no clue how to use my Demon's Souls for weapons and magic.

Makes me wish I bought the deluxe edition, but I was lucky to get one at all!

I have no problem with roaming around in a Stonefang cave(didn't cause me to much trouble), but when I can't use my Soul Arrows...

DRUDOG3599d ago

Reg edition here. Go to the fan wiki if you really need help. Some good info, but I've really only just started reading some of it.


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Gambit073599d ago

It's sold out everywhere around my area, hope they hurry up with the restocking.

darkvenom3599d ago

can't wait to own this awesome game,unfortunately i won't be able to get it until next month (damn bills!).Just one question,can i still get the deluxe or do i have to settle for the regular one?

beavis4play3599d ago

he checked at GS, and they told him they'd be getting more deluxe versions in but wasn't sure how soon.

bunbun7773599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Arcata CA (go HSU!) and the Gamestop in Eureka 5 miles away did not receive any copies besides preorders. Sam Goody didnt have any-- My friend I think has since found it locally -- but he was bummed for about a week

The game rocks! I didnt know what to think of the summoning and being summoned, but it is so nice and really helps make it a more enjoyable in my opinion. It really gets the blood pumping when a Black Phantom invades and you manage to kill them. I invaded somebody for the first time and it was like a 2 minute fight-- I lost but it was sweet-- the items are all boss, its like Monster Hunter in that you can wear any armor wield any weapon (stat dependant-=- but you can upgrade your stats as you see fit)

The bosses so far are a bit easier than i expected, but it helps having a bit of a strategy or helping as a phantom first to see how to do it. Mostly if you get hit by a boss you die or are close, but if you can avoid, you are gold---the bosses seem so far to stay in one spot-- but I know that this isnt the case for like the Maneater or some of the more smaller opponents.

Great game, A real treat. 9.5/10 and i see it only getting more enjoyable the more i play it.

Aceluffy3599d ago

The boss isn't really hard if you concentrate and not rushing, still tough though. Now what I hate the most is that f%$#ing flying manta on Shrine of Storm, frickin' annoying critters.
Oh yeah, btw this game is AWESOME !

Grandreaper99993599d ago

Monster Hunter? Have you done any G-Rank and up? Is Demon's Souls hard like that?

I heard the words "learning from dying" a lot when Demon's Souls is described, is it as unforgiving and nasty as Monster Hunter? Because MH... Is one bastard of a game. In a really, really, really, really good way.

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