IGN: Haze Preview & Trailer

Free Radical's latest shooter has undergone some changes, and IGN have a feeling we haven't seen all of them.

IGN last saw Haze a year ago during E3 2006 when Free Radical's latest title was premiered to the world. The game certainly caught their eye at the show with its fantastic visuals that really showed off the lush jungle setting that the demo was set in, and it certainly didn't hurt that they are all fans of the developer's Time Splitters series. But that was a year ago, and oh how things have changed since then...

Gone are the somewhat generic looking soldiers of yester-year, now replaced with squads of advanced men dressed in bee-themed gear with yellow and black masks, suits and so forth. Also gone are the squad controls with the game more focused around your individual actions now (though you are still part of a squad). Indeed, Haze is a different game than they had seen before, but it's also tighter, more engaging and, most importantly, looks a good deal more fun.

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techie4583d ago

attach images as well :)

VirtualGamer4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Bah I messed it up Deep. I never added images like that before and ended up putting in the thumbnail instead of the fullsize images. Tried to go back and edit but its to late now. I will know for next time.

Game definately has my interest thats for sure!

gta_cb4583d ago

i like the look of this. its prob gonna be on my list!
when does it come out?

Bathyj4583d ago

If its out the same time as Halo, all the more reason to go Exclusive on PS3. Its not really competing with Halo then, and if anything PS3 fanboys will be snapping it up so they can pretend they dont care about Halo. With all the talk about KZ2, who foresaw a Halo vs Haze war?

General4583d ago

Wonder what Shane ment by 'then I was reborn'

StateofMind4583d ago

Possible spoilers:

I think nectar gives the soldiers a sense of fantasy. They don't see the horrors of war around them which allows them to better do their job. Later in the game, the main character discovers this and I'm guessing rebels against the Mantel company.

btkadams4583d ago

i want this game so bad. when i heard free radical was done with the timesplitters series, i was crushed. but this game came onto the radar and I was immediately hooked. the story sounds really unique (like timesplitters) and im sure multiplayer will be a blast.

at the top of my list.

Blasphemy4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

How can you get excited over a cutscene anyone can make a good cs I want to see more gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.