The Art Of Epic Mickey

Nick Ahrens: Now that subscribers are starting to get their copies of the newly redesigned Game Informer with Epic Mickey on the cover, we're ready to show off a little more of the game. The assets floating around the web have had users excited but unsure about what Junction Point has been up to. Now we're ready to show off the very first official art behind Disney Epic Mickey. This short video featuring music from the game will give you just a small glimpse of the world that awaits when Mickey Mouse makes his triumphant return to games.

Note: If the video doesn't work, you can view it on the following link:

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Timesplitter143601d ago

Interresting. It looks like it'll be played in a LBP kind of way

Smacktard3601d ago

Yeah, when I saw this I thought it looked like a 2.5D platformer too, but with all of the new information being released, it really sounds like it's gonna be a 3D adventure game. Warren described it as part platformer, part adventure, part RPG, I believe. How could you have all of that in a 2.5 platformer? Gawd, I just want to see some GAMEPLAY

Saaking3601d ago

man, it's looking great. If done right, this'll be epic.