Haze will have four-player co-op campaign

Although Ubisoft's Haze was always expected to have four-player co-op campaign, apparently it wasn't confirmed until today.

Free Radical (Time Splitters) studio head David Doak confirmed at the Ubidays conference in Paris that the game will allow for the co-op campaign both online and off.

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nice_cuppa4589d ago



................sorry deep ! )

looks like a good game !
(i will get it for ps3 as i will have halo 3 for 360 !)

techie4589d ago

sorry what? This has nothing to do with the announcement. This is just joystick running on previous thoughts. We don't know...but I expect it is timed exclusive in Europe.

BubblesDAVERAGE4589d ago

"Haze, the FPS developed in the studios of Free Radical, was orginally listed as a 360, PS3 and PC title, but at the recent UBISOFT press confrence it was listed simply as a PS3 exclsuive....but who knows well lets all look it up

ReconHope4589d ago

four player co-op that is freaking awesome. that's almost worth the purchase there.

gta_cb4589d ago

it looked pretty good without the 4 player co-op ;)

spacetoilet4589d ago

Well if it does not support mouse and keys, I could not give a rats a$$ how many players co-op. I give massive kudos to Epic for allowing Mouse and keys for Ps3 unreal and all other Fps developers should do the same, and use the supported bluetooth/Usb 2.0 capability and give us decent Fps control.

Robotz Rule4589d ago

I'm getting it for my Playstation 3 along with Halo 3 for my Xbox 360.

I'm gonna be soo happy:)

gta_cb4589d ago

yeh, although i dont really like co op offline =(

Dr Pepper4589d ago

At least they offer it, and I think it's better than versus offline (working together and no cheating by looking at the others screen).

MySwordIsHeavenly4589d ago

When you read about how this game deals with'll WANT offline co-op!

I loved R:FOM's offline co-op. Did anyone else???

This game is gonna be so freakin' amazing...

Dr Pepper4589d ago

Are you talking to me or gta_cb? Because I agree and im all for it!

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The story is too old to be commented.