CoD4 Wii dev takes jab at The Conduit, states their game has pc like controls

A member of the development team at Treyarch took a little jab at the controls in The Conduit, and explains their game will include more pc like controls.

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thebudgetgamer3596d ago

i heard the controls were really good in the conduit. if they can make a great fps on wii, more power to em.

ndpad3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Odd how the game hasn't even been shown yet and releases in less than a month though. Wait and see mentality right now.

thebudgetgamer3596d ago

i imagine the less devs want people to see the game the worse it might be. like you said, wait and see.

Smacktard3596d ago

To be honest, The Conduit's amazing control scheme is the only thing the game had going for it. The controls were fantastic and made me really sad that the game itself wasn't really that great.

SpoonyRedMage3596d ago

Really Smacktard? The campaign sucked big time but I like the online for the Conduit, works well and of course the controls you mentioned, I like the enemy and weapon designs and on the technical side of stuff I'd say they did an excellent job.

I think they need better writers and level/environment designers though, the actual creative side of the game isn't so great.

Rofflecopter3596d ago

I liked the controls in the Conduit.

And I'm sorry but I don't think Treyarch has enough credit as a developer to smack talk anyone. They copied Cod4 and placed a WW2 skin on it. They made terrible Spiderman games. In fact, when was the last time they made a good game? Heck, the only reason World at War sold was because MW was such a big hit.

EvilTwin3596d ago

Spoony -- Yeah, the Conduit pretty much had everything going for it but the single player.

I don't quite understand this remark in the article, though:

"Precision mode fixes this - instead of moving your wiimote to turn faster, you move your wiimote to point directly at THAT point."

Well...that's what maxing the controls out in Conduit did, pretty much. There were some times in multiplayer where I'd keep spinning to find an opponent, but that was intentional. It sounds like marketing hoopla to me.

As for jittery-ness...put your hand either on your lap or on the arm rest of your couch. With the controls maxed, you just have to slightly move your wrist.

Goomba123595d ago

Conduit controls were great but jittery. We will see with this game.

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Pandamobile3596d ago

PC like controls with a Wiimote? What?

SpoonyRedMage3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

You've never tried it have you?

Whilst they're no where near as good as Keyboard & Mouse I'd say they're much closer to it than dual analogs. Wii shooters(in general anyway) don't have assisted aim for instance.

I'd let them off with saying PC-"like" but there's no pretending that they'll be as good as PC controls.

JimRichalds3596d ago

I agree RedMage.

When I played Metroid Prime on the wii it's like miles above dual analog, it's so much more accurate. I would love to see CoD 4 on the wii.

I'm guessing Pandamobile has never really played an fps on the wii that executed the controls so well such as Metroid Prime or The Conduit.

Pandamobile3596d ago

I played Metroid on Wii. It was nothing like mouse controls.

But it was a hell of a lot better than analog sticks.

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rucky3596d ago

So if you work with Activision is it a requirement to act like douchebags too?

Brasi823596d ago

Yes, if you work with Activision it is a requirement to act like a douche. Hit the nail on the head there rucky. Activision has become what EA use to be. The money hungry guzzlers of the gaming industry who think there the bomb at everything.

cyborg69713596d ago

How can anyone from treyarch take jabs at other dev's they're horsesh!t. Tell em to eat sh!t.

ZombieAutopsy3596d ago

agreed, they dont even use their own engines to make games...well maybe for the Wii but its a Wii need i say more.

free2game3653596d ago

A wiimote is never going to be a mouse because it's not weighed down. It's always going to be shakey and imprecise.

Knghtz3596d ago

Wouldn't most argue that is more realistic though?

asdr3wsfas3596d ago

I was with you till imprecise. It does pretty well for cross level sniping in the conduit.

You can avoid the shake by resting the wiimote in your lap with your hand around it. Then you barely move it to aim. My settings are all maxed, it works rather well.

Not as accurate as my trackball but I like it much more.

EvilTwin3596d ago

Agreed, oobob. I don't know how other people play Wii shooters, but that's exactly how I do it, too.

Maybe some people are standing up in their living room and pointing at the screen like they're at a demo booth...?

But I'm sitting on my couch. Sometimes I use the armrest of my couch instead of my leg/lap. And I can't say that I've had any problems with "shaky controls" in Conduit on Corruption.

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