Gordon Freeman Wins Gamespot's All Time Greatest Hero Competition

Gamespot writes:

"That's it. The votes are in and you, the faithful, the fans, the readers of GameSpot, have decided on the single greatest game hero of all time.

You have decided to follow the Free Man.

GameSpot offers its heartiest congratulations to Gordon Freeman, the hero of the Half-Life series, and the winner of this epic competition."

Freeman had a total of 107,581 votes to Mario's 85,280.

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Beast_Master3599d ago

I picked him over Mario, but very disappointed that Kratos was not in the final.. a bunch of little girls must be visiting gamespot putting Mario in the final. Anyone that has played GoW would never vote Mario over Kratos.

HighDefinition3599d ago

I`m saying Nathan Drake, Uncharted 2 is defines EPIC and only a hero could survive all that.

Pandamobile3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Yeah, kinda Drake falls in the same category as Freeman. He's pretty much your every day guy who gets into some trouble, even if Drake did kind of bring it upon himself with the treasure hunting in all.

Timesplitter143599d ago

I'm kinda satisfied with Freeman, but I would've prefered Duke Nukem, Big Boss (wasn't there) or Bob & Bub

Persistantthug3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It HAS to be Mario. Sure, I understand many of you are reluctant to give Mario his due since he's not "cool" anymore, largely based off the fact that he's considered "cute" or "kiddy" and its only on the Wii...but there is no greater Video game hero that has the near 30 year legacy that Mario has. Sure, Gordan Freeman and Kratos and Snake and a few others are geared better for the "mature" crowd,

But they don't have the longevity of Mario, and to me, that's an important factor....perhaps the most important.

Darkstorn3599d ago

I think Solid Snake is the best video game protagonist ever. Sure, Gordon Freeman and Nathan Drake are great characters, but they just kill people and crack jokes (or in Freeman's case, he just kills people). Snake, on the other hand, is a true hero. He has overcome immense adversity and, as stated at the end of MGS4, he's had a "hard life." Not to mention the fact that MGS4 is one of the greatest games of all time, and in my personal top 3.

Bnet3433599d ago

Uhh what? I have played GoW and I'd vote Mario over Kratos for the simple fact that I grew up with Mario as a kid. Mario got me started on my favorite hobby, he has a special place in my heart.

evrfighter3599d ago

Interesting actually. It was the Free Man that took snake out of this competition. Not rubbing it in or anything because I think Snake is a good character. Just not as great as Gordon.

Chubear3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I had stumbled onto this thing on GS via some forum I was on and it was a good laugh for sure. Nice fun for gamers I guess.

Freeman and Snake were 50/50 and Freeman won by a hair. I had expected, and was looking forward to, seeing Snake and Kratos battle it out in the final but alas, it was not meant to be lol I guess G. Freeman getting it is great and I'd rather have that Xter win than anyone else outside of Snake and Kratos. Can't believe Mario made it to the finals but meh, whatever.

The Freeman wins, congrats.

RememberThe3573599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Kratos is king. There is and will never be a more badass character. But I don't never get my way :(

badz1493599d ago

the 1st video game I've ever played is Street Fighter II or was it Prince of Persia on PC?....but I'd choose Ryu in a heartbeat! I still love his to this day!

btw, I hate Mario and Freeman! just can't get into playing both games!

ShabzS3599d ago

go freeman... he beat the competetion bloody with a crow bar

Bathyj3599d ago

Kratos is easily the baddest ass of them all. He fights GODS for godsake.

kwicksandz3599d ago

Duke nukem is way more badass than kratos

One zap of the shrink ray and squish goes kratos under dukes Doc martins.

Darkstorn3599d ago

@1.12 and 1.13-
This isn't a contest for 'most badass video game character.'
Kratos is definitely a badass, but he's not a very deep guy. I like to get more out of video games than watching some dude rip off another dude's head, which is why I prefer characters who have something intellectually stimulating to say (unlike Gordon Freeman...)

presto7173599d ago

I mean. Everyone knows Mario. Seriously. He is so iconic as far as gaming is concerned. Heck I don't even know who this freeman guy is.
Plus there's the fact that Mario has been around like forever.


JoySticksFTW3599d ago

Fail Statement right there

There's great reason for his rage.

Play all three games (including the great PSP CoP) - digging into his amazing back-story, witness him keep getting screwed over in the most heinous of ways, and seeing him continue to pay dearly for one choice he made in a single moment of desperation and weakness - and make that statement.

Much of GoW has to do with Kratos blaming himself for his life and coming to grips with that. Like the Elysium Fields section... don't want to spoil

Yeah, but he's far from just ripping heads and an intimidating voice.

Heck, it's not the gameplay of GoW that hooked me (though great - especially GoWII and CoP); it's the amazing story and a main character that you feel for so much that you're p1ssed off right along with him and you want to see his journey to the end.

Sarcasm3599d ago

I think Drake is probably one of the best new characters ever created. I mean damn, he's like a real person.

Major_Tom3599d ago

This entire argument is Invalid, Master Chief is the greatest fictional hero our race as ever known.

sikbeta3598d ago

Freeman all the way, Mario? It can't be and Kratos, he is a God not a hero

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Pandamobile3599d ago

The thing with Gordon Freeman is, is that he's not some highly trained military operative like Snake, a military cyborg super-human like Master Chief, or a muscle-bound kill machine like Kratos. He's just an every day guy that gets thrown into a gigantic sh1t storm.

Gordon's an MIT graduate working as a physicist in a research facility known as Black Mesa when the sh1t hits the fan. Before that, the most he's probably done with a weapon is fire it at a firing range; and this on some level, will connect with people, and they can maybe relate to a similar, hypothetical situation that they might be in.

His actions spark a world-wide rebellion against an oppressive force stationed on Earth. He becomes a public figure for resistance and freedom. Freeman really is a hero, and an awesome one at that.

Darkstorn3599d ago

Yes, but Snake's story relates to modernity in a very haunting way. It's hard to find a game with more social commentary than MGS.

Tehdaza3599d ago

Snake was Freeman's toughest foe in the tournament. Freeman edged Snake by about 120 votes.

evrfighter3599d ago

A physicist at the wrong place at the right time, the greatest hero of all time. Imagine that.

Clearly this shows that the people are sick of the same ol same ol. Gordon Freeman is the figurehead for next-gen.

Each version of Half Life did not set the bar. It ripped the bar down and put up a newer better bar for the next generation of fps gamers.

likedamaster3599d ago

Mario might have done a lot but there is no question this title belongs to Gordon Freeman.

Arnon3599d ago

There's nothing about Snake's story that is even remotely related to anything happening now, except for the fact that they both take place on the same planet.

JoySticksFTW3599d ago

"There's nothing about Snake's story that is even remotely related to anything happening now, except for the fact that they both take place on the same planet."




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NotSoSilentBob3599d ago

Since /b/tards from 4chan were skewing the poles left and right trying to cause people to get ticked off and it worked when they united everyone to have Bub and Bob defeated.

Pandamobile3599d ago

4chan really wasn't present after they got Master Chief taken down.