Allard's iPod-Killer also a PSP/DS-Killer?

Today's Seattle Times article goes far beyond Bloomberg's report of an "iPod rival" from Microsoft. Citing a "source close to the project," columnist Brier Dudley wrote, "…This is more than just another MP3 player. It will also compete with game players from Sony and Nintendo that have long had Wi-Fi and work as media players, Internet terminals and communication devices."

The revelation comes just days after a Bloomberg report that outlined Allard's supposed portable media player plans. That report made no direct mention of games compatibility for the music and media player, which Bloomberg expected to launch by Christmas this year. Dudley reiterated that the device is planned to launch by the holidays, although that may be a difficult goal, he said.

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BLACKSTYX6288d ago

you cant kill DS, maybe psp, but not DS. Im not a fanboy its just fact. Nintendo been on top in handheld market since day 1, havent let up since

OutLaw6287d ago

Nintendo has been the reigning king of handhelds. But it is always good to see more competition. I do also own a PSP and a DS Lite. I do favor my DS Lite. So it will be a hard struggle for MS to overthrow Nintendo. May the handheld wars begin.

Marriot VP6287d ago

I really doubt that MS would take on such a difficult task. I'd say that it's a Ipod/MP3 killer with live anywhere and what not.

Cause ipods and handhelds are dramatically different. You just can't combine the two and expect mp3 users to lug around a controller and big screen, like the PSP.

THAMMER16287d ago

The only way this thing could kill the DS is with killer games. The PSP would not behard to kill it sucks. I would like to see what they are doing.

Islandkiwi6287d ago

You've all seen the cell phhones out now that act as mp3 players, or that qwerty keyboards and larger screens. Let's see MS thrown one of these out there, that will also play Live games. I'd consider buying something like that.

The point being I don't buy portable gaming systems. I'll buy a cell phone and an mp3 player, but I don't need or want a third piece of electronics in my pocket. Combine it into one, please!

mikeeno76287d ago

This is a fake. When Microsoft responds to rumor they say 'we do not comment on rumor or speculation'.

THAMMER16287d ago

It will be out late 06 - 07

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anast4h ago

Why are they using the SX for the thumbnail? It's misleading. They make games for the S.

Cockney4h ago

Where is the commitment for gamepass? Lots of 3rd party games incoming yet very few day one

shinoff21833h ago

I didn't realize metal gear solid was this close to release. I'll grab that on ps5 disc if it's available. Looking forward to check out cities 2 on gamepass.


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Most of the MK4 cast is far worse than Stryker.

ZwVw22h ago

Not even close. That award goes to Hsu Hao.

BlaqMagiq118h ago

Uh... did you forget Mokap exists?

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