EGM Returns With Mass Effect 2 Cover, Old Logo

GameSetWatch writes: "Steve Harris, Electronic Gaming Monthly's founder and once again owner after re-acquiring its publishing rights earlier this year, revealed the returning magazine's cover for its planned December 2009 issue, which features Mass Effect 2's Commander Shepard (in fact, it's a variation of the game's boxart).

Issue #238, EGM's first since former owner Ziff Davis suspended publishing in January 2009 following its sale of the 1UP Network to UGO/Hearst, promises a collection of previews for 2010 games such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bioshock 2, Halo Reeach, and many others."

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Schobeleth3599d ago

The only gaming magazine I actually valued in regards to opinions and reviews. FINALLY!! Hopefully they get all the old reviewers back, including Hsu.

Tapewurm3599d ago

Glad to see EGM back, Game Informer has some great reviewers as well and has been filling the void nicely. Would be ok with Hsu coming back, but not a fan.....hopefully keep him in check and state that most of his thoughts are just and only just his opinion. :) As he is biased to some things, I am biased towards him....can't help myself LOL

dgroundwater3599d ago

WOW this was unexpected to say the least! Can't think of a better game to grace the cover either.

NecrumSlavery3599d ago's reviews aren't as great as they were five years ago. But it is nice to have EGM back. It's the most indepth gaming mag

JoySticksFTW3599d ago

Game Informer is my favorite but old school EGM was the best, before the fan boys took over, they started acting like MS Stormtroopers, and began flinging tomatoes (literally) at Sony's machine on their cover and actually laughing about it.

P1ss poor journalism and professionalism

Game Players magazine was great too. Funny mag

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mistajeff3599d ago

I wonder what that Gears of War 3 article will look like. Probably random concept art from the first two games mixed with things that can't possibly be wrong. "Gears of War 3 will be arriving within the next few years. The game will be in the third person perspective, with heavy use of a cover system. The story will most likely continue where the 2nd game left off, and it's rumored that the character you control will be Bender Bending Rodriguez."

Maybe they meant God of War 3?

mistajeff3599d ago

WOOF that's a lot of disagrees. I wasn't trashing Gears of War, I was remarking at the fact that nothing has been revealed whatsoever about Gears 3 and the cover of EGM has it casually listed as part of a preview feature for next year. All we know is that someone from Epic said it probably won't be out on this hardware cycle, so it's obviously not coming out next year.

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MoneyBagz293599d ago

Hmm, I had a 2-year subscription to EGM,starting in Sept. 2008, and the refund of the subscription was a subscription to Maxim,which by the way is VERY nice, but will they send them back out to subscribers. Probably not, but...

dgroundwater3599d ago

Haha same with me! I didn't know why I was getting them.

Highwayman3599d ago

I'll gladly pick up a copy in Dec.

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The story is too old to be commented.