Forza Motorsport 3: Adjusting Cockpit View

Forza Motorsport 3 will shortly be releasing to stores and the reviews are showing that this will be one of the best racing titles to buy this year. However a complaint from the community and journalists was the fact that the in car view is to close to the steering wheel. Well a community member, Deth Thrasher, who currently found his way into possession of the game found a way to fix this little problem.

Quite simply he used the multi-screen options that allow multiple screens to be used at one time to increase your field of vision in the game. You do not need any other tvs for this to work its only a settings change. Here are the settings to use to change your field of vision.

"multiscreen on
mode host
channel 0 will do
view center
degrees hidden 0 or just play around with it
degrees between screens 62 or whatever you want"
- Deththrasher.

The pictures shown in the story images show the difference between the degrees used to change your distance from the steering wheel while in the cockpit view.

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MaximusPrime3595d ago

"Forza Motorsport 3 will shortly be releasing to stores and the reviews are showing that this will be one of the best racing titles to buy >>this<< year"

i know what i want NEXT year :) GT5
this year, i will be playing Uncharted 2, GT mobile on PSP and couple of awesome games on PS3.

I dont have time for Flawza 3. i dont even have xbug 360, i sold it ages ago :)

beardpapa3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

"by adjusting the fov levels in the multiscreen setup (worked in FM2 aswell) you can move the c0ckpit view back to around GT5p view or even more!"

you know what's funny is people saying it's so awesome they can adjust their view further back. I remember reading comments made by Forza fans on how much they liked the view being closer to the steering view because it was more realistic than GT5p's, claiming the closer view is because your eyes are naturally focused on the road so it's more realistic that way.

I'm not trying to discredit Forza since I'm getting it, but I find it amusing these so-called Forza fans were making such comments. It seemed like they were just trying to discredit another game in favor of their console of choice.

PS3 slim3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

You went to Forza forums and read Forza fans comments and out of the blue they were mentioning a cocpit view of a demo on another platform , Where? Not here there is about 15 360 fans lol. I didn't know Forza fans talk about GT when they don't have to.

thebudgetgamer3595d ago

"Not seeing it.

The cars are pretty good still something is off plus the environments don't match the quality of the cars."

:) arent you a forza fan?

Greywulf3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Its using the 3 screen setup.

#2 You cant look around the coxkpit when you do this...

good job bots. You have to hack the game to have a normal view like GT & Shift, then cant look anywhere.

The driver isn't even in the view when you go back far enough, just the arms LOL. Proving its a different model, yet again. So thats 4 models for the game.

the 360 can't even handle doing 1 car model with the same interior and just moving the camera in & out of it.


Stick to hyping buying stickers kids, graphics aren't for 360 owners.


Yep, I remember that. The view was much more realistic because it was closer up! lol. Now all the rejoicing over a GT view.

PS3 slim3595d ago


These losers can't handle it.

beardpapa3595d ago


Thanks! At least someone remembers that. It's just silly on the internet you have to go look through pages of pages of old threads or find a link to find "proof" of anything for someone. It's like people aren't old enough on the interwebz to do anything on their own.

But anyway, going back to the view thing, you can even check out Gamefaqs. People were talking about the "closeup" view there too. In all seriousness, are these people even real Forza fans let alone real racing game fans?

It's almost like those people saying they don't like old school turnbased FF13, and then suddenly rejoicing and say they won't mind having it in their collection when it suddenly became multiplat.

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PS3 slim3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

WTF how come no game media talked about this? That is F-ing cool! I'm assuming the demo doesn't have this built in or I just missed the settings.

JokesOnYou3595d ago

weird how we heard a few complaints but nobody tried this, 62 degree setting looks perfect. lol, well I know how my game will be set-up. Great info.


EvilBlackCat3595d ago

Check at 1:06

Dont hate the game instead of that hate your biased eyes and brain.

rareairtone3595d ago


Only people like me who frequented the and forzacentral websites during the summer knew about this. I think somebody on forza central had impressions (I think it was a team blackjack member) and said it was possible.

More specifically, a user on the same website said that he played around with these settings in forza 2. Now, obviously he didn't have an in-car view, but he was able to make things further away, for watever reasons, when he wanted to. Go try it out on your copy of forza 2 guys!

By the way, this cat knows how to capture pictures in forza. Those pics of his make the game look VERY good.

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soxfan20053595d ago

The 62 degree setting looks so much better than the default. Can't wait to try it.

DelbertGrady3595d ago

And I thought the default setting was one of the best c0ckpit views I've ever encountered. They usually are fun to try out but not very usable. Forza 3 is the first racing game where I prefer the c0ckpit view over the others.

PS3 slim3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

That's the best thing about the demo. I could not believe how fun and how accurate the c0ckpit view is. I've been playing it in c0ckpit view and one day it dawnd on me that the c0ckpit/view/handling was done better than any other view, in any other game I have ever played.

I tried the over the hood view used in Forza 2 and switched back because prefer the c0ckpit view. It was more accurate which is a feat in the racing genre. Been using the c0ckpit since, not wanting to learn how to play the game in any other view now.

Kind of funny all the top spots in the leaderboards (demo) are gamers from Europe.

KionicWarlord2223595d ago

Why hasn't anyone talked about this till now ?

Thats pretty cool .

thebudgetgamer3595d ago

i have been spoiled by sitting in the driver seat (i would use the cp word but not allowed) from now on if a racer doesnt have that view, no buy for me. its always good to have these kind of options.

GR8 13595d ago

I cant wait to play the Definitive Forza 3, the game has got me even more hyped with the adjusting FOV. (field of view)

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