Students Develop 3D Mouse

Magicmouse Five WPI undergrads have succeeded in building a better mouse. The MagicMouse is a 3D mouse system the user wears as a ring and uses to to manipulate items on the computer by pointing at the monitor. Moving the cursor is as intuitive as moving the adorned hand across the screen, while zooming in and out is accomplished by moving it closer or farther away from the display. The MagicMouse's ability to work in three-dimensional space makes it particularly well-suited for use with CAD projects and video games.

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marison4581d ago

It will be very interestingly if this turn a more common peripheral.

SlippyMadFrog4581d ago

It will be cool hooking up your PC to the TV and playing games like on a console, this mouse thingy will make it easier.

marison4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Is a must have for this. Only $20!

scarlett_rg4580d ago

Sounds like a mini version of the Wii remote.