GDN: Tritton AX720 Headset Review

When I was assigned to review the AX720 headset, I misunderstood what it was and thought they were trying to charge $130 for a mere Xbox Live headset replacement. Certainly it does work as an Xbox Live headset, but it is more than just that; it is a functional headset for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC that can handle all the audio from one of those systems, not just voice chat. Music, sound, gunfire, voice, when you properly hook up the AX720 to one of these systems it will run all of those right to your earphones in rather good quality, and this makes the price tag far more reasonable.

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Serial_EDX3593d ago

O.o 130$ for headphones......


Avenged Sevenfold3593d ago

I paid $150 for my Tritton AxPros and have no regrets. Considering Turtlebeach has the P21s for around $100 and they are beyond horrible.