Why I Want To Break My Favorite Game Everyday (ResumePlay)

Resumeplay writes: "I love online shooters. My personal favorite is Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. That is until someone does something that I feel is against my "Man" code of ethics of video games.So here is my list of the top 5 reasons I want to break my disc every time I play."

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stoppre3599d ago

Yeah....sometimes people online can really ruin an experience. But on the xbox side i think party chat has really put a dent in the haters for me anyways

mau643599d ago

Agree, I Love private chat

OhNoez3599d ago

Private chat is great, PS3 is getting it too, thats good news.
There is nothing worst for me than hearing some spanish family yapping.

No offence, backround voices are always annoying no matter the language, but im gettin gmost frustrated with spanish backround voices+dogs barking+babies crying :).

EvilBlackCat3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

What kills the xboxlive experience is U.S. & U.K. racist ignorant gamers because when i play with people from Spain, Latin American, Japan, Germany, France, and a few others THEY ARE NOT B_TCHIN and annoying like U.S. & U.K. gamers. BUT YES! thank MS for Party Chat!

Lich1203599d ago

Yeah, these people really are the worst. The funny part is, just like in a mugging, if you humanize yourself about half the people will stop talking trash. I find in Gears (I play the first one) if Im not talking people will talk trash about me because I do quite well and that makes them angry so they say Im trash because "I only shotgun" or "Put the lancer down". The insults rarely make sense but if I just hop on and say "Guys, Im not talking trash, just take it easy" Then lots of times people will feel bad and cut it out. Thats for the non-teens though.

Also, Im hoping they put some region filters up on Uncharted 2. I hadn't played much PS3 online before uncharted 2 and now that I am, Im finding I play with tons of Spanish and French speaking people. Nothing against them, but it does detract from the game when it's laggy and I hear incessant talking that I can't understand.

Serial_EDX3599d ago

Party chat is great......sometimes.

Really sucks when your playing Halo or CoD, and you notice that 1-3 of your teammates are in party chat and so is the other team. Then you get in and the other team knows right were you are all the time, and your team mates have 20 deaths and no kills, or they just start following you and you get double teamed while they just stand there and don't die.

That kind of killed both of those games for me in team modes.

Darkstorn3599d ago

Delinquent preteens mouthing off of to their poor mothers - the true Xbox Live experience.

kalikid7143599d ago

THE MOST annoying word on the internet is when random people start calling other random people niggers... and then when there is a black guy they swarm him when he tries to defend himself... I'll usually tell them to shut up but that just fuels the fire so I end up just muting them... I'm Mexican and I gotta admit that some of my fellow hispanic people's accents can get REALLY annoying so I just mute them... no need for insults I'm sure they have it hard enough already...

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Baross20253599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I want to break my mouse all the time because of online games (hackers)

Serial_EDX3599d ago

I hate those people who deny they have a aimbot. XD

I'm spawning then killed from there base. >.< yea no aimbot at all.

kalikid7143599d ago

that's the reason I can't play pc games anymore... I LOVED Counter Strike and Day of Defeat but now that online gaming has progressed on consoles... I'll stick to that.. and I hope that PS3 remains hack free!!

Alcon Caper3599d ago

never heard these:

BK = Bad Kid
Scrandom = Scrubby Random
Random = Unknown Player
Garbo = Garbage or Trash
Terribad = Terrible and Bad

OhNoez3599d ago

I use 'random' all the time, but never heard all the rest, i dont play a lot on 360 though

CheatsMcGee3599d ago

Dude, I can get completely behind that. Even MMOs can be just as bad.

And I've heard "Random" but none of the others. However I haven't played much live.

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