Jack Thompson goes after Halo 3 now

Jack Thompson, the middle-aged man who thinks about children playing in their bedrooms, has issued one of his insane, dribbling demands to Bill Gates himself. That's right, the twatspanner is threatening Bill Gates with legal action.

It's the usual deal: Thompson once again seems to believe that it's up to the games industry to make sure that the retail industry do their jobs by not selling games to minors, and issues yet another ill thought out, preposterous legal threat. But ... this is Bill Gates. This could be hilarious. For more, and for the words of Jack Creepy McCreepy Thompson himself, hit the jump.

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omansteveo4755d ago

LOL! you suck Thompson are you really this bored?

FreeMonk4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

There's games like Gears of War and Dead Rising that have so much blood, gore and violence, and games like Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 which are realistic sims yet this asshole goes for a Halo 3 which hardly has any blood and is set in a totally futuristic enviroment with hardly any human presence!

Jack has been banned from suing Take Two, so he has to attack someone else! If he fails with Microsoft (which he will, Gates ain't going to stand for it), he'll probably go after Nintendo with an accusation that Mario can simulate to kids that's its alright to jump on your brother like a Goomba and rob your mum and dad of golden coins!!

Boink4755d ago

jack, jack , jack...what else can be said???

dumb, dumb, dumb.

drtysouf214755d ago

goes after everything it seems like.

gta_cb4754d ago

i REALLY hope so, as no console/developers/games needs this attention from a total PR!CK like him!

Observer4755d ago

it's becoming a comedy .. =D

gta_cb4754d ago

yeh, its not going to stop the millions that have already pre-ordered, and not going to stop the millions that buy it after launch. hes a complete [email protected]

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The story is too old to be commented.