iPhone Review: Cash Cow | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "The iPhone App Store has been a boon to independent developers. There have been plenty of cool, new, innovative ideas that have hit the App Store that may not have existed if not thanks to the platform. Unfortunately, it's also shortened the lifespan of the puzzle genre by decades, thanks to every developer with an idea (read: how can we match 3 objects in new and exciting ways?) unleashing their derivative creation on the App Store. Sometimes the new ideas flail about miserably. Sometimes a game like Cash Cow comes along and is actually pretty fun with a unique gameplay concept."

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bgrundman3600d ago

the farmers Bejewelled it looks like.

bgrundman3600d ago

please stop making match 3 games.

wondroushippo3600d ago

Amen to that brother. Macho Man Randy Savage should crush them.

roblef3600d ago

How meta can you get? iPhone devs naming a game that may get them thousands of dollars, "Cash Cow." MILK IT!

roblef3600d ago

I think we need more match 3 games, so that the critical mass can crush them all into a small, tiny, incredibly dense black hole of gaming.