iCasual: Stick-Fu | The Portable Gamer

Today on The Portable Gamer's iCasual podcast series, Carter Dotson covers the new stick figure beat-em-up from Clickgamer and Mobirate, Stick-Fu. New iCasual podcasts are available every weekday on TPG.

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bgrundman3600d ago

Kung fu on an iPhone? Count me in!

bgrundman3600d ago

You can't argue with a fun game concept like this.

roblef3600d ago

gesundheit. Oh, wait, you said STICK fu, not AH choo. got it.

roblef3600d ago

my stick fu brings all the girls to the yard, my stick fu is better than yours

roblef3600d ago

Stick THAT in your fu and smoke it.