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Ace_2353599d ago

thats a good price i thought i would be $400 knowing sony.

UnSelf3599d ago

another blow dealt to the competition

mrv3213599d ago

Since we all know Sony charge way too much for Hard-drives. /sarcasm

Chubear3599d ago

This one will be MINE, ALLLL MINE!! ... God willing. Do wish NA was getting something with it like JPN & EU though. I'd love the FF13 treatment on the NA 250gig PS3.. or a Demon Souls one.. WOW, a Demon Souls PS3 would be insanely wicked now I really think about it.

darthv723599d ago

I was expecting it to be $399 but at $349 it's only 50 bones more than the 120 (slim & 360).


RememberThe3573599d ago

It kind of sucks that NA isn't getting a bundle though... I wonder what SCEA has against bundles?

sikbeta3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

+130gb of space is a really good deal, the best chance for newcomers and maybe for me too hahaha

Playstation Brand is shining, bright future

Grandreaper99993599d ago

250gb is almost excessive lol.. Why they don't bundle in games with them I'll never know.

I crammed a 160gb in my ps3 immediately after launch, and loaded it with music and videos and it's still got plenty of room left. HDMI cables? PSN gift card? a single piece of software? a DEMO disc? ANYTHING but an oversized hdd.

evrfighter3599d ago

wow does this really excite you guys?

and you could have your own in a few days for the same price..It's not really a deal considering if you bought an 80gb ps3 and then a 250gb hard drive at least you'd have an 80gb lying around for whatever reason. Instead of just buying a 250gb ps3...

Cacolaco3599d ago

Believe it or not, there are people out there who wouldn't attempt to swap out their hard drive for a larger one, no matter how easy and cheap it is.

Honestly, 349 isn't too bad. (Although I agree they should make some bundles available to NA)

deeznuts3598d ago

Bro, you act like everyone is comfortable ordering a hard drive online, or swapping out hard drives. Or that they know for sure that the drive they need is a SATA 2.5" HDD. or that they are ok choosing between the 1.5 vs. 3.0 gpbs versions. Yeah.

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Darkeyes3599d ago

Nice price... HDDs have become cheaper so it's good to see Sony passing the low prices to the consumer.

stevenhiggster3598d ago

I've already seen it for sale in the UK for £280 with 3 games! I thought that was an amazing deal.

jahcure3599d ago

Then wow.... That's a really good price. What's the cost of the 250 gig xbox??

Either way , good pricing from sony.

Noob3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It's $400

@ below

But doesn't include wi-fi, blu-ray, and free online. I'm not trying to flame but I think were all smart enough to realize those additions has more value than a controller and a game.

soxfan20053599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

That $400 includes a copy of Modern Warfare 2, as well as a second controller.

@above - that's completely irrelevant to this article. This is about a new SKU at a new price point, and what the new SKU offers.

Soldierone3599d ago

Its not irrevalnat. Either you get the extra features and free online for 50 dolalrs (100 if you count paying for live) less or you pa an extra 50 to get a contoller and a game...

Serial_EDX3599d ago

Just a question. This can go either way you want it....but since your paying 100 more or less for 2 different systems with different advantages and disadvantages, Wouldn't it be kind of pointless to compare them to begin with?

RememberThe3573599d ago

I think they're both great deals. But... Whatever.

Mr Logic3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Be logical about this guys. This is how much it costs if you want a 250gb console, MW2, and be able to play wirelessly online on day 1. Plus an extra controller for when a buddy comes over. BTW I'm going by prices.

250gb PS3 $349.99+$39.49(for extra controller)+$59.99 for MW2=$449.47

250gb 360 $399.99+$76.49(wireless adapter G)+$39.99(12 months LIVE)=$516.47

In conclusion it costs $67 more to play on 360. In addition you have to dish out another $40 every year and you are not getting a blu-ray player.

You be the judge.

soxfan20053599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Why do you specifically say "to play WIRELESSLY online"? MW2 can be played EXACTLY the same with a wired connection, which costs nothing to set up. What about people who don't have a wireless network? Not everyone does.

You also do not need make a separate purchase of Xbox Live gold to play MW2 - if you already subscribe, you're good - no extra costs involved. If you don't, you can pay as little as $7.99 and be able to play online month by month. A full year subscription is not required.

Sticking to the facts seems most logical to me. You be the judge.

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Theoneneo813599d ago

What ever Happen to using storys with orignal sources Epic Fail Mods.

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