Bone-idle : M.A.G. Preview

Bone-idle writes "M.A.G. Massive action game is an upcoming exclusive for PS3 it is an online multiplayer FPS but this time its HUGE ! The days of small tight maps with teams of 8v8 are behind us. MAG offers a massive 256 player battles.

To get this many players into one battle could have ended up being a huge mess but the battle field is nicely balanced teams are split into two 128 player teams each team is further split into 32 man platoons and further broken down into 8 man squads. Each squad under the guidance of a squad leader have specific objectives within the battle."

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Ps_alm3k3592d ago

Pretty deep game, Barely lags, Immersion!!!!!

This is not a 8 vs 8 warfare claim to be's , but this is the best at what it does but ain't done yet...BOY!!!!