New videos and characters for Valkyria 2

The Valkyria Chronicles 2 official website has been updated today with quite a few new videos, and a whole slew of new characters.


Unfortunately I erroneously placed the link of the story to the front page and not to the actual post related to Valkyria 2. The real post is here:

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Redempteur3293d ago

Lool it's white knight !! NOt valkyria ...

Either change the title or the link ....

Abriael3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

My bad, I erroneously placed a link to the front page instead of the actual post: the real post for this story is here: http://classygamer.blogspot...
Unfortunately the problem became apparent only when I posted something else on top of it.

Can't change now that it's approved, so I added an update.
Again, sorry.
I would appreciate it if a moderator could change it.

Fade_Walker3293d ago

I still need to get started the first Valkyria Chronicles :(…and then buy a PSP for VC2.

Serial_EDX3293d ago

She has some nice legs. XD