Rumour: Haze PS3 Exclusive

Jeuxvideo reports that at the Ubisoft conference, Haze, the FPS developed in the studios of Free Radical, will be exclusive to the Playstation 3.

For the moment though, it appears that this is most likely going to be a timed exclusive. But it will be necessary to wait tomorrow more on this subject.

Concerning the play in itself, the developers showed a new trailer and explained the scenario: Mantel is a group which controls the world, the oil industry and the pharmaceutical industry. Mantel also produces a very powerful drug.

The game is due out this year.


If you follow the link you will also find a bad quality video of the first gameplay footage.

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Blackmoses4754d ago

never heard of it? Does it look any good? and in......before the flame wars start.

QuackPot4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

An exclusive only matters if it can influence a person's decision to buy a console AND there are no substitutes/alternatives with the competition.

Haze is just a shooter. They're a dime a dozen. You'll find great substitutes on the XBOX 360 and Ps3.

Now here's a real exclusive worth waring about....LITTLE BIG PLANET.
Now this will win the hearts of millions and bring alot of converts to the Ps3.

Who cares whether Haze is exclusive or not?


As for timed exclusives....they are going to become as normal as multiplatforming. Developers are in a win win situation getting extra cash for the exclusivity on one console then further cash with sales on the opposition's machine.

They aren't going to miss out on sales to fanboys who will never buy "THE OTHER" console. Simple business practise here.

deeplies24753d ago

not a that price $700. Nice try tho.

TnS4753d ago

I hope deep speaks French... :)

techie4753d ago

I changed the source as I'd knew you'd get a bit angry. But anyway here is the original translation

The title is "Haze en exclusivité sur Playstation 3" - which means Haze is exclusive for the PS3.

"Ubisoft a confirmé que Haze, le FPS développé dans les studios de Free Radical, sortira en exclusivité sur Playstation 3." then it goes onto say that Ubisoft confirmed that an exclusive for the PS3.

"Pour le moment, on nous indique qu'il devrait s'agir d'une exclusivité temporaire." - for the moment, it is most likely a temporary exclusive (loose translation).

Anyway...I wouldn't say this is confirmed, even though the translation is correct. I have a feeling that they just have a PS3 playable build (which is true), but noones sure if it's an exclusive or not.

lil bush4753d ago

yeah i hate when stories that are in french get published.....

spacetoilet4753d ago

Hey lady, Halo aint all that. Plus graphics are looking kind of $hitty on Halo 3 eh? Whats up there? Last gen.

weekapaugh4753d ago

Another Halo wannabee.

not really, the graphics in this game will actually be good.

techie4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

hehe you one bubbles. Everything you three said was so...LAME

" It really matters how many bubbles you have deep?
I thought you was a person of more substance then that? one bubbles really matter? when you know for a fact bubbles aren't monitored on this site and can be voted down by gangs of fanboys at any time....come on have a lil more substance man."

The bubbles dont matter...but when you've got one you must be doing something wrong, and I think the three of them proved why that was the case. That's all I'm saying. You guys are hard to please sometimes

WilliamRLBaker4753d ago

I thought you was a person of more substance then that? one bubbles really matter? when you know for a fact bubbles aren't monitored on this site and can be voted down by gangs of fanboys at any time....come on have a lil more substance man.

Bathyj4753d ago

Have you seen those screenshots? This game rivals the visuals for Crysis and frankly made Halo3 look cartoony and very last Gen.

Halo isn't the end all and be all you know. With all due respect to the game because it is great, the reason it was so successful is because Xbox owners had nothing else to play until Splinter Cell came out. It was a long time between drink. Thank God I had other consoles as well to keep me busy.

PS, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and Timesplitters are probably the best multiplayer shooters of all time as far as options and customisation go. Halo doesn't even do Bots. You might just like this game if it comes to Xbox or if you ever become a real gamer and buy more than one console.

macalatus4753d ago

Funny how your logic seems to be that anything that is FPS, it is a "Halo wannabee". Well, I got bad news for you bud, Halo is a Wolfenstein 3D wannabee.

FeralPhoenix4753d ago

Hey just because it irritates you that some people point out Halo all the time or YOU feel its over-hyped, still doesn't make your opinion a reality for many, many original xbox owners who enjoyed alot of great games besides Halo "before" SC came along. Also your theory seems flawed because if:

"the reason it was so successful is because Xbox owners had nothing else to play until Splinter Cell came out."

-Then why does it continue to be very popular among the many, many 360 owners when clearly there are SO many choices? -with Halo2 setting record sales and until recently being the top played multiplayer game other than Gears on Live, even though its a "last gen" game -amazing and now Halo3 Beta being played record amounts every 24hrs. -Damm, its not like we don't know or have never played other similiar games (which BTW we agree there are other great FPS's too) so maybe its partially because of the hype, but maybe, just maybe its MOSTLY because the majority of xbox owners think the game is alot of fun and addicting....why else would they keep coming back with so many "choices" available? Now the point is I don't go around "off topic" yelling "Halo this" or "Halo that", and in this case there would have been a better way to reply to FirstKnights silly comments IMO.

PS...I played them all Golden Eye is really very, very good....still overall Halo's (story much better) multiplayer is a bit better IMO, but of course I'm biased since I love Halo. Oh, this is about "Haze" isn't it.....well I think its a great looking game, don't know if it will be exclusive but either way I doubt it would be for very long. -We'll see.

Bathyj4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Dude, I did say with all due respect, because the game is great. I should have worded the next part better. I shouldn't have said "the reason it was so successful", I should have said, ONE of the reasons owing to its success, because I do believe the lack of good games in Xboxes early days was a contributing factor. In all fairness to me, I didn't say it was the only reason. After all the game is great. I went and bought an xbox as soon as I saw it.

I just dont see why we need clowns like knight acting all blase about a great looking game coming out, because he can't see past his precious Halo which isn't, as I pointed out, the end all and be all.

Thats all my point was. I'm not attacking Halo. Its not my absolute favourite shooter but its still one of the best. I can remember when people used to call every FPS a "Doom clone" and it used to sh*t me as if you weren't allowed to make another game in the same genre.

And just for the record, hype does play a big part. How else could a game sell 4 million copies before anyone has even played it?

FeralPhoenix4753d ago

OK, once again your explanation is very sensible, -damm YOU, Bathyj have you no decency, this is N4G afterall so I expect a little profanity in your response and of course ending with the very popular =P, PWN or whatever their using these days.

Bathyj4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

My console PWNS your console anyday of the week and if I wanted to I'd OWN you and PWN everyone you know. TWICE! =P

PS. And it shouldn't be "their using these days." It should be "they're" as in they are you Artard

PPS.(Correcting grammer is very popular as well. I threw that in extra for you) ;)

FeralPhoenix4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

You even took the time to ridicule my grammatical about going the extra mile to make a guy feel at home. You Sir, are a $%&* gentleman and a *&%$ scholar!

deeplies24753d ago

to this clowns. Bathyj & FeralPhoenix

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DaTrooF4753d ago

let the flaming/bashing begin!!:(