Can Linux Be a Successful Platform for Indie Devs?

"Linux has always been the other, other OS. By that I mean it's never really gained any prominence amongst the mainstream consumer. Sure, Ubuntu has paved the way to a better, more user friendly OS, but, by and large, the average consumer would still prefer Windows or OSX. Of course, many Linux users probably prefer it this way; after all, if Linux were to ever become as popular as Windows/OSX then it'd need to become more like them… more "dumbed-down" so to say.

Of course, being such an elite OS comes with drawbacks of it's own, namely gaming. Gaming on Linux is a difficult process and even if a game does work, it still requires a few tricks here and there to get it fully up and running. This may be one reason why indie gaming has the potential to do so well on a Linux system as long as the game was made for it."

-Geoff Gibson

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