Ar Tonelico 3 detailed, first media arrives

SCRAWL: "First details of Namco Bandai and NIS's upcoming Ar Tonelico 3 have been released today along with the first teaser clip and a couple of screenshots, which actually don't look too shabby.

Ar Tonelico 3 takes place on Sol Clusta, dominated by a higher class named Reyvateils. Their ideal world only consists of them and purified humans."

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ReaperXL73599d ago

I loved the first two games, I cannot wait to see what they do on the PS3. Now just give me a release date and i'll be happy.

Wonder how the soul diving will work, and what kind of costumes the ladies will have available to unlock.

If you havent played the first two games and have a backwards compat ps3 or a ps2, I would recommend checking them out if you like unique JRPGs.