Bioshock 2 will be a complete package when its hits in 2010: GB

GB writes: "In 2007 Bioshock came out and won many accolades for its outstanding gameplay mechanics and an awesome representation of a world under water: Rapture. The first game was set in the 1960 and told the story of Jack, the protagonist whose plane crashes in to the Atlantic ocean. There after he lands up in to the world of Rapture. Inside he faces many enemies like Big Daddy, splicers and any mutated human beings. With the help of plasmids and some really unique weapons Jack makes it out alive."

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gameseveryday3290d ago

so folks what do you think?

UnSelf3290d ago

i dont get paid to think

.......i KNOW this game is gonna rock

Zydake3290d ago

Bioshock Online! Woo that will be interesting fighting against others with plasmids but I hope they have other skins other then the Big Daddy then it will be like attending a private school we'll all be in uniforms.

Darkstorn3289d ago

As long as the social commentary and awesome gameplay are there, it's a must buy.

Dan GamingBolt3290d ago

I thought the first bioshock was good, but overrated...i hope they add more stuff like weapons and stuff in this one..

gameseveryday3290d ago

overraated m not too sure abt that

Dan GamingBolt3290d ago

because, it was pretty much doing the same stuff, killing some people and then killing a big daddy...over and over again, it was a good game i just don't think it deserves those reviews that gave it more than a 9

williamkenny3290d ago

I completely agree with you there.

baldguy713290d ago

i wasn't too impressed with the 1st one - I might try this new one

gameseveryday3290d ago

well the original had some of the best gameplay elements like the plasmids. You should try that out too!

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The story is too old to be commented.