Bone-Idle : Uncharted 2 Review

Bone-idle writes "I have just finished Naughty dogs Uncharted 2 and I'm so disappointed. But its not the game that has left me disappointed. I'm disappointed that ill never get to play through Among thieves for the first time ever again.

Pong, Asteroids, Mario, Metal gear solid all feel like they have been just building up to a gaming moment like this. That moment for me has now passed and the 10 or so hours it took me to play through the blockbuster from naughty dog have been the most enjoyable I have ever experienced on a console. I was simply blown away. The good news for UK and Irish readers is that with the release date set for tomorrow you have this to look forward to."

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Isaac3679d ago

99.99999999999999999%? BIAS

BoneIdle3679d ago

Its a brilliant game just not quite perfect (i don't think any game could be considered absolutely perfect) but its very very close.

Masta_fro3679d ago

i cant believe it got a 99.99...

if it was on xbox it wouldve been a 10...

so biased!

leeger3679d ago

is this some sort of a joke?

arakouftaian3679d ago

but u2
was so close to be
the 1 one

redsquad3679d ago

I don't think anyone assumes "10 out of 10" means "perfect", just exceptional. This phobia that some sites seem to have about giving games full marks because 'no game is perfect' always comes across as a little contrived to me.

Raf1k13679d ago

I think you'd be surprised at just how many people would take 10/10 to mean perfect.

LarVanian3679d ago

Are these guys metacritic? The bastards there managed to finally lower Uncharted 2s 97% score. Damnit!!!
Lol j/k

theEnemy3679d ago

Edge's 9/10 weighted scale made U2 go down to 96.

garos823679d ago

that sounds a little more like it.

anyways tomorrow seems like a million miles away cant wait to get this baby

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The story is too old to be commented.