New Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot

A new small in-game screenshot of Duke Nukem Forever.

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BitbyDeath4219d ago

Seriously who would've thought this game would still be about what are we like 10-15 years in the making now?

FordGTGuy4219d ago

but I think its on life support.

Blasphemy4219d ago

Cant believe this game is still in development.

FCOLitsjustagame4219d ago

Isn't this the the Elvis of video games? People claim to see it but its been long dead.

Excalibur4219d ago

Is because it's taking them FOREVER to make it.
I'll believe there will be another Duke Nukem game when there is one on the shelves and not until then.
It's a Damn shame too because in it's time Duke Nukem was a fantastic game to play, loads of fun and Duke-isms.
Letting this franchise lay dormant for so long it a real crime.

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The story is too old to be commented.