InFamous development plagued by lack of direction

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

According to Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman, InFamous was the cause of quite a bit of concern for everyone at the studio working on the game. When work first started on the game, development was plagued by a complete lack of direction.

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gauntletpython3593d ago

Game came out nothing short of amazing, so it was all worth it! This game is still up there for me, don't know which will be my GOTY, inFamous or Uncharted 2:\

Godmars2903593d ago

I found the bad-Cole story line lacking. He shouldn't have been involved with anything "good" and the police should have been a 4th faction with options for him to join up with the Reavers or Dustmen.

gaffyh3593d ago

Lack of direction, yet they still managed to make a fantastic game. I hope there is a big leap in terms of graphics for the next game.

RememberThe3573593d ago

I have a feeling that there is going to be a big leap in all aspects of the game.

loser3593d ago

unless they make a new engine, then i'm not expecting a huge leap graphically.

for infamous2, i want more mission variety, and less repetitive 5-of-the-same missions per island!

infamous was another great new i.p that has come this gen.but there is lots of room for improvement

Christopher3593d ago

It was a good starter for a new IP. I'm hoping they'll step up like Naughty Dog and make the sequel a generational leap in gameplay and storytelling.

edgeofblade3593d ago

Honestly, Infamous is high on my list of top games for this year. It was completely engaging for me. So, whatever development gripes they had... just think of what they might have improved... or even done worse had things gone according to plan.

rockleex3592d ago

To cel-shade the game into comic book kind of graphics, kind of like Viewtiful Joe.

Then they would need to do the story cutscenes in real-time, but in comic book fashion, so the player won't feel like the gameplay is a separate part.

sikbeta3592d ago

"InFamous was the cause of quite a bit of concern for everyone at the studio working on the game. When work first started on the game, development was plagued by a complete lack of direction"

Glad to know they solved the problem, because IMO is pretty good

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Farmhand3593d ago

I am glad to say that the final product showed no sign of lack of direction

Ninjamonkey3593d ago

Infamous was an alright game but theres so much room for improvement there.

Ive not completed it yet because it is just too repetitive. I completed the first island afer doing loads of samey side missions and those underground bits which always felt the same.

I got to the sencond island and did half of that but afterwards I just felt like I was doing the same things time and time again. Coupled with the shallow story I realised that every mission felt like a chore so i stopped playing.

Its annoying becuase so much of the game is RIGHT. The fighting is pretty much spot on with really fun abilities. And I loved how slowly you built up knowledge which meant you could travel faster. The climbing animations were great and technically the same was of high quality.

They just need to get the story and gameplay right. If they do then infamous 2 will be a day one but for me.

gauntletpython3593d ago

Dude, the story is about to take a turn for the waaaaaaaaaay better. I too thought the exact same thing as you. The game did have some serious pacing issues, but once you hit the later half of the second island and then the 3rd island, you get HOOKED.

Seriously, one the later events forces you to make such a huge moral decision. It's one of those moments where I literally paused the game and thought to myself "What the hell am I gonna do...?"

BlackTar1873593d ago

Some missions were retive and i have one last shard for my platinum that ill never find. (Its not the one on top of the building you have to climb to find)but the story was good. some parts lackign but wasnt it a orignaly a ps2 game ?

raztad3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I finished inFAMOUS twice. Good and Bad. Pretty amazing game. You dont need to go through side missions if you dont want to, they are just SIDE missions after all. The main storyline (both) is pretty good (Marvel hero quality or even surpasses it) and makes for a long enough game.

edgeofblade3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Right on. That decision point was just plain incredible writing. I'm not one to get absorbed into a story... in fact, I usually loathe "plot" because I see it as always at the expense of gameplay... but that one had an awesome impact.

I would even talk about the OTHER moral decision in that part of the game, the one that has direct consequences on the gameplay.

Redempteur3593d ago

i agree some missions are just WTF ? ( the ones where you have to destroy the surveillance devices ) two of them should have been enough .If fact more Good or evil missions would have been quite better ..

It's clear that a better pacing should be in INFAMOUS 2 ..
I say 2 because .. ( on the second island the story pick up ..everything after SECRETS REVELEAD is gold )
And these missios are not that bad ... and they are optionnal .

Infamous is really a good game ...

gaffyh3593d ago

You didn't have to do every mission though. People who liked playing the game (like me) played it till 100% completion for trophies, and I loved this game. Played it twice, would have played it again if there was DLC.

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boss_killa3593d ago

Infamous turned out prety damm good.

the only issues i had with it were the graphics and some glitches here and there. i hope they turn to Naughty Dog or Guerrilla for some help with their visuals for Infamous 2.

BlackPrince 423593d ago

Were it not for Uncharted 2 coming out this year I'm fairly certain inFamous would have been my GOTY. I'm hoping now that SP has an engine and a style nailed down they can do for inFamous what ND did for Uncharted, improvise and expand on all their good ideas.

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