Which console is the best bang for your buck NOW?

With price drops across the board for all the major consoles, it's worthwhile analyzing which consoles now give you the most bang for your buck. The Kartel provides an overview on which console is the best value right out of the box, and which one is the best value once you "optimize" it with additional controllers, cables, etc.

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loser3596d ago

it's not like they are expensive ffs, both offer great games and great on-line....i seriously cant get my head around all this fanboyism for one or the other.

and i never get tired of reading these sh!t wrote especially for the fanboys on n4g blogs from n4g members blog sites.

darthv723596d ago

people place value on things differently. If the purpose is to say which cost less and gives more from a technical point of view. PS3 wins. That is simply monetary and not reflective of value but more of cost.

The real answer to this question is dependent on the games people play and the system that plays them goes hand in hand. My personal opinion would place the 360 as a better value to me because of what I play and frequency of use.

That does NOT mean I dislike my ps3. I play it when I am in the mood. Same goes for the wii. Each systems has great games everyone should not deny themselves from playing.

Beast_Master3596d ago

I think as far as new owners to this generation go there is no question PS3. The value of 360 is starting to teeter off, I don't own one and the reasons for owning one are just falling by the way side. 360? The games I want to play where released last year and I don't see anything that will be released on the 360 in coming year that would make me want that console, maybe Alan Wake, but Heavy Rain look like it will be better. Crackdown 2..I have Infamous..Gears..Uncharted has taken the crown of 3rd person shooters..Mass Effect..Probably will see a PS3 release or at least I have plenty of RPGs to enjoy, Splinter Cell..Is a rip of Syphon Filter which London is working on now..Rare games, Insomniac and MM do better casual games..Halo..If you didn't get into that series by now you won't, might as well wait till the end of the console gen and pick up a 360 for cheap and grab the gears and fable games I missed.

3596d ago
Mr Logic3596d ago

Be logical about this guys. This is how much it costs if you want a 250gb console, MW2, and be able to play wirelessly online on day 1. Plus an extra controller for when a buddy comes over. BTW I'm going by prices.

250gb PS3 $349.99+$39.49(for extra controller)+$59.99 for MW2=$449.47

250gb 360 $399.99+$76.49(wireless adapter G)+$39.99(12 months LIVE)=$516.47

In conclusion it costs $67 more to play on 360. In addition you have to dish out another $40 every year and you are not getting a blu-ray player.

You be the judge.

HighDefinition3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The same one that has always had the most "bang for your buck". The system that can do things the other can`t.

BTW, I own both and the PS3 is easily the clear winner in this argument.

So, in my opinion if your a "GAMER" buy both, if you can only afford one, your smokin rocks if you choose the 360 over PS3. Especially at this point in this generation.

GarandShooter3596d ago

@ darth

There needs to be some objectivity in value, and cost vs features seems to be a commonly accepted method with consumer goods.

You were only able to determine your preference, and hence perceived value, after owning and playing all three systems.

How does your method apply to, or aid a first time buyer with no previous next gen experience/exposure?

darthv723596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I wont really dispute your numbers but you made a slight faux pas. You are saying what you need to play wirelessly online day 1. Technically you dont need to purchase a full sub of live as you get a month free (or is it 3mo??) when you get the system.

Not trying to nitpick but you can get the elite, game and wireless adapter and be able to not only play day 1 but up to day 31 before you have to purchase live.

Other than that you are pretty much right on. If someone were to purchase ODST along with that, you get another 3mo free live. I actually have a free code from when I bought it if anyone is interested.

@garand: it doesnt. that is why I said my personal opinion. Thanks for pointing that out.

Beast_Master3596d ago

Plus your games don't scratch! Really the only reason people are stuck on the 360 is that gamer score. They have invested so much time and money into that score, I can respect why the jump is difficult. I understand that now as I am a trophy hore myself. But like I said, for anyone who have not bought an HD console, it is a no brainer, PS3. and for people that own one or the other, it makes more cents for a 360 owner to jump to PS3, than a PS3 owner to jump to 360.

soxfan20053596d ago

Why do you specifically say "to play WIRELESSLY online"? MW2 can be played EXACTLY the same with a wired connection, which costs nothing to set up. What about people who don't have a wireless network? Not everyone does.

You also do not need make a separate purchase of Xbox Live gold to play MW2 - if you already subscribe, you're good - no extra costs involved. If you don't, you can pay as little as $7.99 and be able to play online month by month. A full year subscription is not required.

Sticking to the facts seems most logical to me. You be the judge.

darthv723596d ago

If we look at a key point in this it seems to be wireless. Sony fans generally add in the cost of the 360 adapter when doing these kind of charts and 360 fans say it isnt needed to be online.

True it isnt NEEDED to be online but if you want to go wireless you need it. So lets look at a different situation. Someone who doesnt have wireless. No need for the adapter if you dont have the service. That still leaves the ps3 and 360 on level ground. The one who gets left out is the Wii. It is WIFI ONLY and you can get the wired adapter as an option.

Maybe these charts need to take that into account as well. From one perspective the 360 is a wired with wireless option. The Wii is a wireless with wired option. PS3 is both. They need to do a chart that truly makes all three out to have the same basic features as allowed by design.

ThatArtGuy3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Means that they are too lazy to type out "for" and not educated enough to spell "tres" correctly. (Spanish for "three".) :P

Mr Logic3596d ago

I was simply trying to even the playing field. Plus I know many people that cannot or don't want to pull a wire through their house. I know that wired is the preferred and cheaper method, but it is used by the minority.

Your second point is very confusing. How can I already be a subscriber if I'm just now picking up a 360? Do you really mean to say that someone who is planning to play MW2 online is only going to do that for less than 5 months. If you're going to play more than 5 months you might as well get the 12 month subscription because it will be the same price as 5 moths @ $7.99.

gaffyh3596d ago

The best value console has always been the PS3. Even when it launched, it offered more for your money than the other consoles.

CimmerianDrake3596d ago

When did the 360 get another price cut? I thought they just gave it a price adjustment and a rebate. That's what passes for a price cut these days? Funny, I always thought that a price cut meant a reduction in price. Guess I should have bought that Microsoft Edition Webster's Dictionary.

vhero3595d ago

360 has best bang for your buck purely because you can get all the games for free mwhahaha PIRATES AWAY MWHAHAHAHAHAHA. On a serious note PS3 even before the price drop was cheaper than the 360 if you include wifi adapter and yearly online fees. The thing with 360 is you still gotta pay that online fee EVERY YEAR. Why don't you all just say NO??? Your idiots that's why. You all stopped paying MS would make it free but your idiots and you pay. I won't pay to play my 360 online. I only put my 360 online to download arcade titles. PS3 it only does EVERYTHING.

Shepherd 2143595d ago

Value depends on what games you like the most. Im amazing at Halo, its a far more competitive and skilled game than any other FPS on the PS3, which is why MLG chose Halo 2 and 3 as its flagship titles. And i really love the Halo universe. PS3 has no Halo(or Mass Effect and Gears), so PS3 is not for me. Plus i like 360's online better. Im willing to pay a little extra for all that because i like it more than the PS3. My choice, my money, im happy.

cantfindaname083595d ago

I got both consoles and i'm a the happiest gamer in ze world. I bought the xbox 360 last and it seems like i use it alot more for some reason. Well NETFLIX and i absolutely love the party system.

frostypants3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

@1.19, you just listed a pair of 2 year old games (Halo 3 and Mass Effect) and a 1 year old game (Gears 2). It's pretty illustrative of exactly why the 360 has lost so much traction. It's like the delusional 45 year old balding man in his mid-life crisis still clinging to his high school football days...

Some of the PS3's best exclusives have come out this year. Anyone who is going to buy a system to play the games you have listed would have done so by now. Microsoft needs to step up and build some true 1st party support, rather than relying exclusively on 3rd party payoffs, which is not working anymore.

My biggest fear is they will do what they did last time: announce that this gen is over, introduce the 720 (or whatever they call it...they'd probably call it "1080" due to how some might associate the numbers with HD displays), and entirely hang the 360 out to dry. You can already feel the breeze...

spacetattoo823595d ago

controllers were how much and how much was the extra, he really didn't shop around huh.. prices are off..

BeachBar693595d ago

haha, man people get all banged up about this, thats the funny part. Clearly it is the PS3.

Shepherd 2143595d ago

The problem with you fanboy kids is that you have a new favorite game every month

This year i have bought Halo Wars, Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, Fight Night Rd 4, Halo ODST, Wolfenstein, and Red Faction Guerrilla. And the year before that i bought Fallout 3, COD WaW, Left 4 Dead, Mirror's Edge, GTA 4, and many, many more. They were all great and gave me my moneys worth, and i intend on buying Modern Warfare 2 when its released as well. But guess what? I STILL play Halo 3 and Gears of War 1(2 sucked) daily to weekly because im not some kid who clings to exclusive after exclusive and calls it my new favorite game like you people.

Guess what. My favorite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which is a six year old game. Original Xbox had it, but PS2 didnt lol. Guess which system i had. And no matter how many PS3 or 360 games that are released,(Oblivion, Halo 3, Fallout 3, Mass Effect, MGS4, Gears of War, are some AMAZING ones) it would be really hard to change my favorite game.

My friends, this is what integrity is. Most of you people are fickle and know nothing of that meaning. Sure PS3 has been having some great games, but you people escalate them way, way too high.

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slugg3596d ago

Like which system has which exclusive games, most game variety, which system do multi-plat games look best on, etc., should also be taken into consideration....

NateNater3596d ago

True, but when you take those things into account, it becomes more of an opinionated matter. The way this article puts it is by straight facts, not "This game is better than that one" or any of that other fanboy nonsense.

Anon19743596d ago

At this stage in the game, every system has plenty of games to keep any gamer busy, amount of games is a moot point.

Same thing for variety, each console has plenty of variety. This might have made a difference 2 years ago, but certainly not now.

As for which platform to multiplats look better on, that's just opinion for the most part. The majority of multiplat games released now, the differences are so minor it isn't even worth mentioning.

ArcticWolfUK3596d ago

easy win, it only does everything xD

ia_studio3596d ago

I want to hear form a bot, why should you purchase a ps3 as your first current gen console at this point.

mrv3213596d ago

PS3's hard drive is easily detachable... I can do it like 30 seconds... and I just did it.

Vortex3D3596d ago

You can't detach PS3 hard drive and put into another PS3 and load all the data on the hard drive. X360 hard drive can be detached and use on any X360 console with the same data.

It's the reason X360 hard drive is external connected to the console and PS3 hard drive is internal because it's not intended to be used on another PS3 unless you want to reformat it.

darthv723596d ago

You can play a 360 w/o the hdd. I dont think you can do that on the PS3.

Some will say, why would you want to. It is just an option. If you hdd craps out and you want to game while waiting to get the replacement you should be able to do even the simple basics.

Sarcasm3596d ago

I'd rather have an inexpensive "internal" harddrive than pay triple the amount for a stupid proprietary detachable one.

frostypants3595d ago

@3.1, that in no way justifys the price gouging Microsoft pulls with those HD's. That's a software feature, not a hardware one.

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bubblebobble3596d ago

sorry 360 owners but u all got riped, but i do have a good idea if u go game with all ya 360 tack grovel to em to take it ov ya on trade 4 a ps3slim jim they might nock a couple ov pennys off, you could then go to bed at night knowing you own the best console/games system ever created