57 Great Xbox 360 games for 2007 - preview

An awesome list with 57 games, all with screenshots and/or videos. There are HD videos too. A good list to construct your own list of favorites.

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eques judicii4588d ago

but since the ign list of ps3 releases got posted we might as well approve this... b.s. in my opinion.

Seraphim4588d ago (Edited 4588d ago )

My question is. When the bloody hell have you idiots had enough? Both consoles are getting a good number of great games to look forward and play. Why not grow up some and just enjoy both consoles? Is it really that hard as a gamer to enjoy great games? Anyway, these lists are redundant now so lets just leave them be. Furthermore not one has actually been any good and/or straight forward...

Kuest4588d ago

Very true. But I still think I'll be able to manage with these 57 games coming out just in 2007. For 2008, that'll be the year to buy me a PS 3 (maybe, *cough* price cut *cough*)

Expy4588d ago

So.... This website, claims that "CALL OF DUTY 5: MODERN WARFARE" will be published in 2007... Call of Duty 5.. "five".... hahaha

Ignorant Fanboy4588d ago

Whether it will be called "Call of Duty 4" or called something else, like "Call of Duty: Big Red One Part 2", is still up in the air. So the proper title for it would be Call of Duty 5.

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The story is too old to be commented.