Next Gen Console War: Report 2

he next generation game console war continues to be a bloody one. One army has emerged with lots of victories, another has held its own but the army with the most victories in the last war has been beaten badly and may not have any major victories until the fall months. Over three months ago we posted up our first report from the front lines and gave some advice to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for how they can get the upper hand. Now that the war is six months old now we take another look at the ongoing war effort

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Boink5179d ago

great read, solid advice for all 3 companies.

CrazzyMan5179d ago

but all what ps3 needs are only games.
600$ for a console for 5 years, which won`t die, which has free online, blu-ray function and etc. is not much.
price cut will boost sales, but hey, without released games in April sony sold 80k PS3 for 600$ in USA. Just think, 80 000 !
so, with games it will make +100-200k, and with games + price cut it can make +200-300k.

for 600$ you get reliable console, with free online and blu-ray player.
for 400$ you get console, which has a high chance to die in 3-4 years, in adition you have to pay for online gaming, live! is good, but still it cost money. Why not make free online gaming like on pc/ps3/wii and charge for friend list and other feautures ?

darx5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

Sorry Crazzyman it's the $600.00 price tag.

And Blu-ray will have nothing to do with the sale of the PS3. Only the hardcore tech heads know what or understand the whole blu-ray thing, not your average Joe.

Close_Second5179d ago

...all the tech specs and features you like. The average Joe consumer aint interested and all they see is the $1,200 (NZD) price tag. As for future proofing, if the PS3 does not start selling in agreeable numbers by this time next year you can kiss the 10 year lifespan out the window. The PS3 needs both good quaility games and a significant price drop. However, keep in mind that no matter what Sony does with its price the 360 will always undercut it. The complete reverse of the previous gen...

VirtualGamer5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

is that the PS3 is not geared towards the average Joe. Its geared to people who have bought a HDTV or are buying a HDTV. To own a PS3 and only play it on a SDTV would be a huge waste. Heck I would say buying a 360 and playing it on a SDTV would be a huge waste.

Edit: I also think they underestimate how quickly HDTV will become the norm.

The number of households watching High-Definition (HD) TV programming continues to rise rapidly, reports In-Stat ( Households with HDTV service, which are defined as homes with an HDTV set that receive and watch HD programming, are projected to grow from 15 million in mid-2006 to 20.3 million at the end of 2006. This impressive household growth is tempered by the fact that it is occurring in just a few countries, the high-tech market research firm says. On a more positive note, several new countries introduced HDTV service this year.

“Consumer demand to see the World Cup in HD served as a catalyst for the start of HDTV services in several European countries,” says Mike Paxton, In-Stat analyst. “In addition, select TV households in countries like China, Singapore, and Mexico can now also get HDTV service.”

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

- As of mid-2006, the US and Japan accounted for 91% of all worldwide HDTV households. Other countries with significant numbers of HDTV households include Canada, Australia, and South Korea.

- The number of worldwide HDTV households is expected to spike over the next few years as new markets for HD services, particularly in Europe, open up. By the end of 2009, In-Stat is projecting that the number of HDTV households will exceed 55 million.

- HDTV services are currently being delivered by all types of television service providers, including satellite/Direct-to-Home service providers, cable TV operators, telco TV operators, and terrestrial broadcasters.

- In the US, there is still a “disconnect” between HD services and the penetration of HDTV sets. Currently, only one-third of US households with HD-capable TV sets are actually using them to watch HD programming.

darx5179d ago

if Sony is banking on that demographic than they are sure to be the next Dreamcast.

Close_Second5179d ago

...if Sony is only aiming at HD consumers then bye-bye Sony. HD consumers are the minority and will be for quite some time. By the time that situating changes who knows what the HDMI standard will be or which disc format we'll all be using, let alone how much a stand alone player will cost (PS3 will soon be a more expensive option on the block in that regard as well!). If HD-DVD wins the war then you can certainly throw the 10 year shelf life of the PS3 out the window.

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spacetoilet5179d ago

Was well written, but I do think that the doom and gloom all over Sony in the article is a little premature at this point. Given that we are only six months into its release and MS is coming up 2 years. A price drop would speed up sales no doubt, but I don't know if they will do it yet.
And again I don't think the Wii is a direct competitor for 360 and ps3, I really don't. It's a sales dream because of that I guess (gamers and non gamers alike buy it), but I truly think 360 and ps3 are in a two way battle here for the 'real' console gaming market.
When the online tv/music/movie download thing starts we are going to see some real momentum, especially considering that Sony has 1.5 million online accounts already at six months. And with not much content to choose from. That and the heavy hitting titles coming out bode for a big 4th quarter and 2008 i should think.

WilliamRLBaker5179d ago

at start of article he instead of the...

rexdriver5179d ago

Just a perspective from someone outside of US who has never been a console gamer until "next-gen" came along.

I bought a new home and a HDTV (1080i) to go with it.

Knowing next to nothing about consoles, I bought a 360 at USD400 because it was first out with a lot of hype, and it looked sweet on HDTV. Price wasn't a consideration at all at this point in time as I was new to consoles and this was the first next-gen console. If 360 had been USD600, I would probably have bought it anyway.

Imported PS3 arrived next, but almost a year later. By this time, I was already thoroughly enjoying my console gaming experience on the 360 and did think of getting another console. However, unlike when I got my 1st console, the price of the 2nd console would be more of a factor. Imported PS3 was selling at extortionate prices of USD800 to USD1,000. Obviously, the price alone was reason enough for me not to even consider it.

Imported Wii also arrived selling anywhere from USD350 to USD450 depending on whether it was a US or Japanese set. I had already decided to get a Wii because of the hype, but chose to wait for the local launch since the prices of imports were also a total put-off.

Local PS3 launched about 5 months after the imported ones arrived, selling at only USD500. I was tempted to get it and still am because it isn't that expensive. But I still haven't purchased it because there are as yet no exclusive games that interest me except perhaps VF5 which will be out on 360 soon anyway. If I had a Full HDTV, I might have bought it because the Blu-ray player comes cheap to watch movies. But I don't have a Full HDTV and don't intend on getting one anytime soon. Nonetheless, Blu-ray player coming cheap is a draw, and will likely be a factor that pushes me to purchase a PS3 once the exclusive games roll in.

Local Wii then launched at USD400 - the price of a 360. Waaaaay too expensive for something not exactly next gen. I have changed my mind about getting a Wii.

So my present situation is I am a proud owner of 360 enjoying a lot of games (playing Blue Dragon and C&C now), waiting for good exclusive games to come to the PS3, and waiting for the price of Wii to drop drastically (which probably will not happen).

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