Halo 3 denies mass market, won't move consoles?

Roger Ehrenberg of Information Arbitrage doesn't believe in the power of Halo 3. Speaking to Reuters, Ehrenberg expresses his belief that Halo 3 will not help the Xbox 360 bridge the gap between its hardcore-only audience and the mass market. We can't help but agree with Ehrenberg on this point as we discussed in the latest episode of the Fancast says the Xbox 360 Fanboy website.

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Boink4754d ago

I'll approve this, although I think he's way off.

halo, especially after halo 2's multiplayer has become a part of pop culture, much like GTA has. so people will want to play it just because everyone else is.

halo 3 will move consoles, and combined with the casual games out there for the 360, I think will give people reason to buy the 360.

gta_cb4753d ago

i already know some people that are waiting for an Xbox 360 but wont get one til Halo 3 is released... oh does this mean hes wrong?... lol yeh i agree with you Boink he IS WAY off!

omansteveo4754d ago

This guy has been living in a cave the last 5 years

Blackmoses4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

I have no desire what so ever to play this game....
I seriously doubt millions of people will buy the console just to play it, because everybody else is. In America at least, people are more intrseted into being individualist rather than follow the crowd. But even that has turned out to be a fad as well. I could be wrong I mean look at those god awful "CROCS" sandle/shoes everybody is wearing. I can't understand why anybody would want to wear those things, ecspecially a guy. Who knows....
Just won't see me playing it, I just don't see the appeal but more power to ya.

P4KY B4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Every 360 owner will know someone whos waiting for this game before buying an Xbox 360.

ben hates you4753d ago

yes i do know someone waiting

Lyberator4753d ago

Theres at least 82 in my school. "Buying a 360 when halo 3 comes out."

clownfacemcgee4753d ago

I'll have to disagree there, because Halo was the game that turned me towards hardcore gaming and made me buy an Xbox. I mean my friends and I were all total Pokemon addicts before, but that wasn't really a hardcore game, it was more mainstream really. I bought Halo because all my friends had Halo and played Halo, and I don't want to be the oddball non-conformist.and we all had massive LAN parties and lots of fun with it.

But this time is really different because Halo 3 is so hyped that anyone who's really interested in the game already has a 360. I think it looks awesome, but I don' have $400 plus $50 a year to throw down for a 360, just for 1 game. I did pay $600 for a PS3 and if you want to hear my spiel on why, pm me, but $400 plus $50 per year is a lot for 1 game, even if it looks pretty kool. Anyways, back to my point. Halo 3 is soooooooo hyped, OVER 24000 DEGREES!!! that people that are would buy a 360 for Halo 3, would've already bought one.

Back to me, I want to wait until 2 things happen for me to buy a 360. One is that they MUST fix the hardware problems. Even if it's really only 3% rate like Microsoft says, that's returns only I'd guess and so there'd be soem more people that passed the 1 year warranty, although not a lot for 1.5 years on the market. Also that probably doesn't include all the people that have their 360 freeze on them, but not actually red ring. That problem will hopefully be fixed with the new 65nm processors coming in the fall. And two is that they must drop the monthly fee for their live service, or drop the cost by enough to compensate for the money I'd lose through Xbox live. Also I'd want a $50-$75 drop for every year since launch (larger drops for the early years and smaller drops thereafter), since it has a shorter lifespan. Not really that unreasonable to want a it to be cheaper if it's been on the market longer or to want an online service at a competitive price (effectively zero, but maybe a $.50-$1 a month if they release competitive features, such as a home rival). I don't really consider the $200 cheaper price tag an advantage as it has less hardware, therefor less value.

Give me feedback or pm me if you want the spiel on why I gladly forked over $600 for a PS3.

clownfacemcgee4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Sorry duplicate post, my internet sux atm. DAMN YOU QWEST!

clownfacemcgee4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

Duplicate post sorry, my internet sux atm, DAMN YOU QWEST!

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power of Green 4753d ago

Halo turned casual gamers hardcore.

#4 i'm going to dissagree with #3

Schmitty074753d ago

I was never into videogames until I got an Xbox and Halo 2.

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