Loot Ninja's Cosplay Girl of the Week 10.15.09

Loot Ninja says:

"What is better than video games and really hot chicks? When said really hot chicks are dressed up as video game characters. After the jump is our official Loot Ninja Cosplay Girl of the Week. We don't know her name, but we like it that way. Remember, just because you wanna bang a Pikachu, that doesn't make you a deviant.

As always, SFW."

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McCullster3598d ago

Underboob always tickles this gamers cawkles......

McCullster3598d ago

And yes, thank you N4G for making me have to misspell my word because you wouldn't allow the "other" spelling....

Gyshall3598d ago

That's a lovely pair of yams she has.

hitthegspot3598d ago

Oh my...

What did she do to her neck? Or did you not notice...

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