Madden NFL '08 Fully Online for Wii

The latest issue of Nintendo Power apparently has a tidbit of news on the upcoming Wii version of Madden NFL 08, stating EA is making it fully online, including leaderboards, lobbies and online play in general.

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anthonsh4167d ago

Oh yeah... Thats the spot.

Maddens Raiders4167d ago

.........."Fully Online?" That's kinda funny.

Like come to Foot Locker. We sell shoes.....w/ laces.

a/w - good news for nintendo fans. Welcome to the modern age.


Blasphemy4167d ago

Good news first online madden game for a nintendo console.

Grown Folks Talk4167d ago

should come out with a camera so people can see how goofy players look using the wii-mote while they are pissed off because they are losing.

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