Gaming Union: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Review

Gaming Union: "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is definitely a worthy addition to the Kingdom Hearts franchise. It seems to bring the best out of the Nintendo DS, as it sports good graphics and has some great voice acting in parts, meaning fans of the series will instantly feel at home. However, parts of the game may get a bit repetitive, and the poorly designed camera is still present. The story also takes a while to get started, but those who stick with it will find a game that delivers, and also offers a fun multiplayer experience too."

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Kyll3601d ago

Meh, camera looks tolerable :). Can't wait for more story!

ShawnCollier3601d ago

I wonder if there will be a KH game that actually fixes the camera. :P

Nice to see the rest of the game is alright.

Selyah3601d ago

It could be a lot worse :P

mephman3601d ago

Birth by Sleep has a pretty decent camera.