IncGamers: Rabbids Go Home Preview [Wii]

IncGamers' John Robertson helps everyone's favourite deformed rabbits build a tower to the moon.

From the preview:

"Rabbids Go Home is a different proposition than we've seen from the series in recent years. The mini-game setup that has prevailed in years past as the Raving Rabbids series has been completely scrapped, replaced by something more recognisable as a single player game with a 'story-driven' campaign mode. In terms of the big picture, the shift in focus is probably a good thing: the titles themselves never really managed to propel the series to the tip of their particular - over-saturated - sector of the Wii's gaming catalogue."

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Leord3599d ago

Nice. Even with the advanced graphics the console can create, they do the deformed route :P

Fyzzu3599d ago

I think it looks pretty impressive for the Wii, myself.

Maticus3599d ago

Yeah, considering, it's a Wii after all :P

Fyzzu3599d ago

I'm always up for more Katamari-style games. Nice to see something that's not a minigame-compilation from the franchise, too.

Dorjan3599d ago

I'm gonna get you wascally wabbits!

SpoonyRedMage3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Hey don't pass up on Rabbids go Home guys. It's made by Michel Ancel himself, I can really see this being another Beyond Good and Evil.:(