Review: Windows 7 strong, but don't pay to upgrade -

However, most PC users should not take the release of Windows 7 as a call to action, or feel that they have to run out and buy the software for use on a computer they're planning on keeping. The upgrade will most likely not be worth the time or money, much less the effort of hosting a Windows 7 "launch party" as Microsoft suggests.

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James Bond3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

They got nothing else out this year. They got to celebrate anything they can.

Godmars2903600d ago

Thing is they what YOU to celebrate the release of their product as you and your friends buy it.

Noctis Aftermath3600d ago

xp with service pack 3 is all that most people will need, no need to waste money on this slight upgrade.

zootang3600d ago

Is yahoo not owned by microsoft

zootang3600d ago

Maybe someone at yahoo is pissed because they never wwanted the takeover.

Maybe they are just being honest, so is Ballmer lying? I'm confused

El_Colombiano3600d ago

Windows 7 is so much better than Vista. If you are on Vista, get on Windows 7 and stop punishing yourself with the utter garbage Microsoft released and dubbed Vista.

rroded3600d ago

till chrome comes forget ms. Between vista n the 360 ive lost all respect for em.

Serial_EDX3600d ago

With your name being what it is. I don't think you ever had respect for MS.

TheSadTruth3600d ago

anyone interested in purchasing windows 7 legally, it only costs $30 for an upgrade version if you are currently a student (google the information)

hitthegspot3600d ago

That's a great point. I may do that for my wife...

evrfighter3600d ago

"nah ill justy stick ta xp/ubuntu
till chrome comes"

LOL you do know what Google's OS will be targeted for right?

Hilarious uninformed is Hilarious.

rroded3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

look kiddo I started my love affair with ms on windows 3.1 stayed with em thru win95 98 me xp am still a proud original xbox owner but like i said vista n the 360 we're too much i mean a guy can only b in a abusive one sided relationship so long b4 he's got ta say enough.

edit @evrfighter ya its coming for laptops first n what u think im running my dual boot on now? Still im plenty happy with what i have now but def gonna give it a go. Its free so not like im loosing anything eh.

@majortom ya they are going to put out a desktop version too but i suspect the launch one will work just fine on most desktops. Kinda hoping its going to b a debian flavored linux distro but till they release the info im just guessing.

Major_Tom3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

their target applicants are netbooks, what's to say google won't come out with a desktop OS? Lol. Dude.

Windows sucks, it just plain out sucks it's a memory hog, it's slow, bloated and I do dualboot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. The only reason I have Windows 7 is games.

Not to mention if anyone can make Linux mainstream it's going to be Google. Microsoft cannot fight the open source movement much longer.

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dirthurts3600d ago

It's worth an upgrade, no matter how you go about it. I'm loving it.

Godmars2903600d ago

But have/will you pay for it. You do just have the free trial version correct?

Moragami3600d ago

It runs all my games flawlessly and only poops out about once a year. However I've always wanted a 64 bit operating system to take full advantage of my 4 GB of RAM. What do you guys think? The OEM version of Windows 7 is available for $80 on New egg.

Voozi3600d ago

That's the main reason I'm jumping to 7 from XP 32bit.

64 bit OS (Currently have 3gb ram, but plan on upgrading to 6gb)
DX10 & Soon DX11 Gaming
Better then Vista

Only costed me $50 to upgrade.

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The story is too old to be commented.