English Tales of Graces Intro Signals Localization

It appears that Namco Bandai might have accidentally revealed plans for a localization of Tales of Graces in North America, according to an update to the listing for the special edition of the BoA's CD, Mamoritai ~ White Wishes ~, that will be coming out the day before the game's release, which includes some special "BoA Original Costume" serial code, according to the listing.

(Credit goes to a745 from Abyssal Chronicles for first discovering the addition to the listing on

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Kyll3599d ago

Damn straight it does! Hopefully the western it up even slightly, I might actually buy it instead of just renting xD.

SpoonyRedMage3599d ago

I really hope it is getting localised! and hopefully it takes less time than Dawn of the New World!

Smacktard3599d ago

Awesome. Tales of Graces looks fantastic, and I just love the battle system in Tales of games. I'll pick it up first day if'n it comes out here :D