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divideby03594d ago

L4D was the MOGOTY Most Overated Game of the Year

I bought it and it fell off my bud list faster than any game I could recall.
Game was fun, but got boring fast

most def will not buy L4D2, way to many other AAA games out now

dachiefsman3594d ago

well you might want to try playing with somebody else....that is were the fun is to be had.

thematrix12983594d ago

I don't think he is homosexual.

divideby03594d ago

the only way to play L4D is online...thats exactly what I did

monkey6023594d ago

I absolutely loved L4D but I have a few friends who got tired of it within hours like yourself

Drealmcc0y3594d ago

Well L4D is the greatest co op game ever made and one of the best games ive ever played and ive put 100s of hours into it, and i personally cant wait for L4D2

trancefreak3594d ago

i just got the 360 version and I have a blast playing split screen with my kids. I will def picking this title up.

skeletonss3594d ago

a ps3 fanboy didnt like a xbox game...

PS3 slim3594d ago

So you won't be playing the demo? lol

Calm down dude you sound angry which hurts your credibility when it comes to your honesty.

OpenGL3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

I got the original L4D on Steam at launch but only played it for a few weeks. The first week or so was a blast doing 4 v 4 versus with friends, but we all got tired of the game pretty quickly. I love Valve, but I will not be purchasing L4D2. I really wish they would just hurry up with Episode 3.

The fact that you couldn't download custom maps in game (and still can't) seemed like a step backwards compared to other source games like CS:S, Day of Defeat, Garry's Mod, etc.

y0haN3594d ago

Not to mention it got less content than CoD: WaW on the PC!

kwicksandz3594d ago

Actually on Pc you have been able to download custom maps for months now. Do some research before you trash a game.

Limited_Vertigo3593d ago

He was pointing out that you can't download custom maps in game like other Steam games like DayofDefeat, and CS:S. Do a little more reading before disagreeing with someone's post.

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outlawlife3594d ago

i owned left 4 dead and played it with my friends, i thought it was lame and not worth what I payed for it it so I will not be buying the second one

the game isn't for everyone

tehReaper3594d ago

Details about the L4D2 Demo aren't for everyone, including you. Why are you here, if you care not?

omfgtehbrawlpwner3593d ago

your right it isnt for everyone.... its for people who have friends to play with

outlawlife3593d ago

well i'm glad both of you read through the posts thorough;y

good work guys

Serial_EDX3594d ago

I bought the game on release, It was fun for a few months. It really sucked when my friends stopped playing it because, Well playing with random people online just is not as enjoyable.

Serial_EDX3594d ago

Now that I think about it I might just pick it up on pc. I'm really starting to play it more then my consoles.

XD kinda sad I'm playing fiesta more then I am my 60$ games.

The Emperor3594d ago

why would I? i'm not the one being a PS3 suck up...

artsaber3594d ago

Will be left for dead on the store shelves waiting on me to buy it. No thanks, the first was fun for a minute, but fell off quick. *Moves to the AAA list to see what to buy next... "ahhh, Demon's Souls, there you are."*

The Emperor3594d ago

gotta be a fanboy for a demo release? Comon man, maturity?
Anyways I will be buying this game, with friends is the way to go.

skeletonss3594d ago

do you ever re read it and think man.... im pathetic?

LONEWOLF2313594d ago

Ps3 fanboy.......... NO DOUBT!
Day one for me, ive been playing L4D ever since day one! And i plan on doing the same with L4D2.

LoaMcLoa3594d ago

And I will love this one as well! Pre-ordered it for 360

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The story is too old to be commented.