Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough of Splinter Cell: Conviction, present at Ubisoft's conference.

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badkolo4754d ago

the game looks hot, sam looks alot diferent and ina way i like it and the graphics do look hot, its a wait and see

TnS4754d ago

"Updates: story url, channels, story type, media format, story title, story description"
What's that?

techie4754d ago

deep had the wrong video :( and so had to do an about face with one he was sent. Sorry lad

HungPHAT4754d ago

sweet! can't wait to preorder it and add it to the collection

badkolo4754d ago

just downloaded the higher Q version and jesus its amazing, there needs to be some fixes but its looking to be stellar, i did not like the wayhe stole the phone from the street guys and he just walks away in a crowd, the people he stole it from follow him for a second but thats all, they need to make it more realistic in that sence, if istole someones cell phone in apark and just walked away i would get jumped after walking like 20 feet, meanwhile fisher just kept walking and the crowd of friends just let him go.

Weed4753d ago

I agree with you on the cell phone thing. I thought he was about to be chased by a mob of people after seeing their reaction to him grabbing it. Overall though the game looks great, I love the enviroments and the physics are excellent, made throwing boxes and stuff look fun.

Evoluti0n4753d ago

pretty spectacular stuff.

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