Infinity Ward dropped Modern Warfare 2 Campaign co-op as it "ruined the experience"

VG247: Infinity Ward's Rob Bowling's revealed to VG247 that Modern Warfare 2 was initially supposed to have full co-op in the its main Campaign, but was dropped as it "ruined the experience" the developer was aiming for.

The final game instead has Spec Ops mode – a dedicated, mission-based co-op section playable either online or locally in split-screen.

"We did it early on; that's what Spec Ops started out as, as co-op through story," said Bowling when asked why Campaign co-op didn't make the final game.

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ape0073596d ago

you can't take every level in cod 4 and make it coop,like all ghiuled up,one shot one kill,it's the way IW design the sp

cod4 campaign was awesome but short,Im really looking forward to mw2 campaign and of course the stunning mp

bnaked3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

campaign coop is out..

Chubear3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

They couldn't do what they initially wanted to do cause of the limitations of the disc space the 360 uses. Anyone who thinks IW couldn't make co-op work cause they couldn't find a way to make it fun has got to be gullible as heck.

These were the guys that delivered one of the hottest FPSs not just this gen but in all gens. They delivered a top notch FPS 2years ago when most developers couldn't find their arses round the architectures of these current gen units. However, all of a sudden, after 2 yrs of even more in-depth knowledge of the systems, they couldn't make campaign co-op work? BS. These guys are way too talented for me to believe that.

Those talking about Killzone2. Killzone2 was the first itteration of the series this gen. You'll see it's sequel totally blow it away just like all exclusive sequels on the PS3 do with their 1st showings.

Now you look at the advancement of sequels from PS3 exclusives and then look at the advancements of 360 exclusives and you can see this had nothing to do with IW's abilities to produce top quality campaign co-op but rather were limited and ofcourse played to the lower denominator.

Have your own opinions but it is my own opinion, based off of seeing with my own eyes the leap in sequels to exclusives on both consoles, that things were cut or not implemented for the sequel to MW cause they wanted both versions to be the same even though one of them couldn't let them accomplish what they really wanted to do.

shovelbum3596d ago

Ruins the immersion of a 5 hour campaign....doubtful. It would add if anything. How many of you have actually replayed the campaign of COD4? Me neither but with co-op I would have. SpecOps mode sounds good tho.

Chubear3596d ago

gosh, those gaming sites that complained about R2's co-op and used it to take of marks sure will have gamers looking squarely at them on this one. Atleast R2 has the only 8player FPS co-op ever on consoles but still, they nailed them a bit cause of campaign co-op.

Let's see how they spin giving MW2 9.5s & 10s

Headshot813596d ago

but for some reason we should expect to see it as DLC!!!!!!!Bullsh!t.

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SeanScythe3596d ago

why not just put it in anyway? It's not what they want it's what we want. I know people that won't buy a game unless it has splitscreen or a coop in the campain. I don't know why but I guess people don't like playing alone in SP games.

zootang3596d ago

They probably couldn't fit it in.

Kushan3596d ago

They didn't put it in because it wasn't fun, instead they made Spec Ops mode which is basically the same thing, except actually fun. That way, you get the best of both.

LCF3596d ago

I don't know, I thought R6V co-op was a hella fun. Co-op does add extra legs to any game. I blame Activision for this.

cemelc3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

The only thing that set the game apart from the first was the coop and now is gone.

Spec Ops mode sounds great i guess, but is just go to point a to point b no plot included.

StanLee3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

What do you mean "now it's gone". There was never a co-op campaign for Modern Warfare 2 announced or even alluded to. From the beginning they said there would be no co-op campaign as it would run the experience they were trying to craft. So what's gone?!

rdgneoz33596d ago

When sequels to games come out, people expect similar features / gameplay from the previous versions. Except with more features / better graphics. You take what made the previous version great, and expand upon it. So its not like people didn't expect campaign co-op at first since they enjoyed it in the first one.

Chubear3596d ago

Nah, when I look at the high quality of sequels for some games I just can't justify plunking down 60bucks for something I see and know doesn't measure up to what a sequel for a high end title should be this gen.

I love the story in MW and I'm a co-op junkie and for these reasons alone is why I'll atleast rent MW2 but I ain't putting my money to support gimped gaming experiences.

There are enough people who will support them so they don't really need my $60. I'll take my little $60 and put it towards MAG instead.

amolang3596d ago

I believe they said that "they didn't put co-op campaign because it ruined the experience" right from the beginning... why is it news now?

Kushan3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

EDIT: Whoops, replied to the wrong person.

Uhhh, must make sure I don't get any disagrees now...uhhh....boobs rule!

Yarite3596d ago

Most likely because of the XBOX. We all know how the 360 DVD limits games due to space constraints. I heard Tekken 6 has less maps compared to the arcade version because of this.

Not an issue with Blu-ray or if they went the multi-disc route.

DelbertGrady3596d ago

That explains why the 360 version of Tekken 6 runs at a higher resolution than the PS3 version.


3596d ago
FLOWCity3596d ago

Doubt it's because of Disc space..Because it would have used less disc space to put coop in the SP rather than create new maps for the Spec ops mode.

Kushan3596d ago

Explain to me, please, how 20 missions with co-op is somehow bigger than 20 missions without co-op PLUS 23 EXTRA missions WITH co-op?

Elven63596d ago

Treyarch must have dabbled in the the dark arts since their game has coop on all consoles, even the Wii!

RememberThe3573596d ago

"PS3 version is apparently set to display only in 1024×576 resolution with 2xAA whilst the Xbox version displays at a mere 1366×768 with no AA"

Of course the 360 version is going to be running at a higher resolution, is has no AA..

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